Sunday, July 12, 2009

It is a fact

That when you have 7, 8, 9 walks surrendered in a game you ARE going to lose just about every single time.I mean after the Betancourt trade the Royals pitching staff is trying hard as hell to get the attention off the Yuni deal and on there miserable pitching. And when you give up this many walks your pitching is miserable. Just amazing. I bet it must be nice to be a Red Sox fan.

I never got the whole TGIF thing but TGITASB.

You know the average American should get the All-Star break off to Obama is follows baseball somewhat right ? Make it happen dude. (And that is probably the only time I'll call the Prez "dude" well back to the if you had a mouse in your home you'd trap it commercial for like the bazillionth time, so you see why my brain is rattle. As if following the Royals wasn't enough.)

So until next time folks TGITASB

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