Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Idiots !

Why was Luis Hernandez DFA'd and not Tony Pena Jr ?
Oh better defense huh ?
Yet the stats clearly show that Tony Pena is by far worse on defense when you take errors/total chances you see that:
Tony Pena is .053 ( 4 errors 75 TC)
Luis Hernandez is .016 ( 1 error 61 TC)

Not to mention the fact Luis has turned more DP's 11 to 9 and has a batting average 113 points higher.
So when FSN Kc told me that the poll last night they had said people thought the Royals could turn it around in the second half to those people I openly laugh in your face. It's move like this that one comes to expect Tony Pena Jr will be a Royal until Dayton Moore is fired.

Yes Royals front office it may seem like the Royals just aren't destined to win but when you look deeper you see that TPJ is not the better defender and he's not the better hitter.

Idiots !

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