Monday, June 22, 2009

Why not make the move ?

Ok with Kyle Davies in AAA and you don't really have a viable replacement.
Why not sign Pedro Martinez ?
At least some fans would pay just to see him pitch can't say the same for Sidney Ponson or Bruce Chen plus it might buy you some more time Dayton. Because every day Hillman is still here and the roster features a gazillion middle infielders the heat of the fan base is starting to get warm on you Mr. Moore

Ok so reinforcements are on the way ?

MLB Royals 29 - 39
AAA Omaha 27- 43
AA NWA 35 - 33

Nope not in the near future

Brayan Pena
Ok the Royals need to use Brayan Pena more. Geez the guy is hitting .280 and I'm much rather have him DH then Mike Jacobs.

Mike Jacobs
Every Jake AB you can basically bet on a strikeout it is so pathatic to watch. And what is all this about Jacobs being such a professional ?
He doesn't look like a professional with his mouth crammed full. and he hasn't homer in his last 42 AB's. Last tome Jake played 1B was May 23.

Tony Pena Jr.
Why is this guy still on the roster ? the last two years combined he's hitting .160 going, 41 for 256. And has 12 errors during that span. Three this year.

Tug Hulett
O for 11 on the year. OBP .000

Miguel Olivo
58 strikeouts, 2 Base on Balls if it wasn't for 10 Homers to lead the team he'd be totally useless as a starting catcher. Oh wait....

Teahen, Maier
Are backup players on just about every MLB team

Is having a tough year let's just hope that it's just a fluke year but I doubt it is

Luis Hernandez
Is Tony Pena Jr only a wee bit better

The Rotation
Has under preformed

The Bullpen
Has been a let down

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