Monday, June 8, 2009


Tomorrow is the were all the lousy teams get to have there "World Series" if you will, to bad the Royals are one of those teams. The season didn't start that way but by now it's all we have left right ? I mean the June draft is to give teams like the Royals something remotely worth watching.
So let's take a look at what we can look forward to. The rumors are a college pitcher so let's look at the great pitchers we've drafted.
  • 2004 Matt Campbell
  • 2001 Colt Griffin
  • 2000 Mike Stodolka
  • 1999 Kyle Snyder
  • 1999 Mike MacDougal
  • 1999 Jay Gehrke
  • 1999 Jimmy Gobble
  • 1998 Jeff Austin
  • 1998 Matt Burch
  • 1998 Chris George
  • 1997 Dan Reichert
  • 1994 Matt Smith
  • 1993 Jeff Granger
2nd Round Pitchers
  • 2004 Billy Buckner
  • 2004 Erik Cordier
And if it's not a pitcher let's look at the non pitcher's
  • 2003 Chris Lubanski
  • 2003 Mitch Maier
  • 1996 Dee Brown
  • 1995 Juan LeBron
Just remember the Royals have drafted only 2 All Stars (MacDougal, Wilson) in the 1st RD since 1969.(Also Johnny Damon but he didn't make the All-Star squad as a Royal)

So at least there is always hope that the other guys who aren't the first pick make it (the Royals have never had a 50th RD pick make the Majors)or Stephen Strasburgdrops to the Royals. That'll never happen but I'm going to dream about it tonight.

The Royals should sign David Dellucci to a milb contract start him in AAA and the if he still has it DFA Tony Pena Jr. Instant upgrade to the dying, er I mean dead offense. Because Mitch Maier is not the answer and David DeJesus is batting .232.

And that brings me
To my final point The Royals after the game Sunday had 4 batters with a BA under .250
The Blue Jays had only one and that was Joe Inglett with all 16 AB's on the season

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