Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We all knew HoRam would blow it.

Any interview ideas ?


  1. Well, the popular choice I keep seeing is Hurdle, but for once I'd like to see the Royals find someone who is good, and who wasn't fired from his last MLB management job. I say we give George Brett interim head coach and see if he's worth anything, mostly because we'd get some awesome quotes and video.

  2. True, Hurdle really wasn't much other then the "Rocktober" run.

    If the Royals did fire Hillman I'd like a manager like Ozzie Guillen I love, love his aggressive style.

    And would Bob Brenly,Dale Sveum, Ned Yost be worth a shot ?
    If not we could always hire Don Baylor :).

  3. We really do need an aggressive manager like Guillen. This team, for far too long, hasn't had someone who can get in your face when you aren't doing your job. It's rare in today's game... But I feel it would be good for our team. Maybe it would have to be a player showing some accountability/leadership.