Sunday, June 14, 2009

A loss that no one cares about

As the Kc Star pointed out,

(and I hate to say this but who carries around 75 cents ? I've always bout the Star whenever I was in town because I always had 2 quarters but not always three, also I love it but how does putting up the same articles online help the paper ? But with that being said go buy a paper because newspapers are cool)

New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel seemed to imply Saturday that losses are easier to swallow in Kansas City

“I don’t know how many games I’ve managed,” Manuel said, “but I’m sure, just like any manager, there’s been a lot of tough, tough losses. No doubt about that.

“I think here they just seem to be a little more visual. Everybody seems to know what’s happening here. Whereas if I had a tough loss in Kansas City, nobody knew about it. Kansas City knew about it, but nobody else.

“But here, it looks like everybody knows about the tough losses. And that’s part of baseball, that’s part of baseball.”

And that's the bad thing, Jerry is not the bad guy here at all. In fact he is so true.
And before you shout about East Coast bias just ponder on this piece of history.

The great African leader of the Zulu's Shaka used to make his troops walk barefoot over thorns until they could no longer feel any pain. And in fact there are a lot of cultures throughout history were they were trained to ignore pain.

It's like a little kid maybe 9 years old who says a bad word and is reprimanded but as he gets older he losses his since of morals and says #%*)@ every other word without a thought about it.

It's a part of the culture you raised in and here lately well the past 24 years to be exact the Royals have had a culture of losing. So much so that the fanbase has became immune to it. Instead of expecting victory, you brace yourself for defeat. You become complacent, a loss is part of the mundane.
Instead of getting so pissed off a drop ball is nothing new, a mental mistake is just another game of "Royals baseball". Instead of cursing that accursed gull we hope it's ok.

And until that changes, nothing great will ever come from this team.

Speaking of such
Jose Lima is looking to make a comeback. We all remember Jose's first comeback were he was magician on a magical team. But that was 6 years ago and it ain't been pretty since then to say the least. Jose you were a fun player to watch please don't mar your image any more then it already is.

Royal Sweep
I love interleague play nothing like giving a pathetic AL team a glimmer of hope.
I'd so love to see a Nationals-Royals game that would so make my day. The sweep of the Reds was great but all it did was buy Hillman another month or so.

I still
Have not made it out to the "New K" as I've been saving money to attend Cornerstone (yeah Underoath), but I will try and make a game this year. And this has been a very trying year on my fandom as I've probably spent the least amount of my time on this team then any other since 2003. So if it gets to bad I'll just make this blog about rock music.
(Just kidding)

Enjoy the off day tomorrow

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