Friday, June 5, 2009

It's like the movie Old Yeller

Just give someone the gun at let them put the team out of it's misery. The team has lost eight straight they are not fun to watch, they are not fun to listen to (Specially since Denny doesn't do road trips anymore), and they are not fun to follow.
I've listened to the Royals Post Game show and also thought to myself how much longer can we put up with not just Hillman, but Dayton Moore ?
Know I don't want to go into detail and I'm already going off subject but at some point the losing streak keeps going and yet look around and there is no roster changes.
Now I still think Trey should go but he can only do so much with the team he has and when he looks around and sees Hernandez/Pena Jr./Hulett/Bloomquist and has to choose one to play SS.

So what needs to happen is major changes a couple callups, a trade, a firing. Something needs to put a spark in this team. Because this team is dead.
When Zack Greinke can't give you a day......

It's like the movie Old Yeller only we didn't catch rabies in a fight, no that would take to much effort.

Dayton's failures
  • Trading Matt Stairs to Texas for Joselo Diaz
  • Signing Jose Guillen 3 year $36m
  • Gathright/Howell swap
  • Trading Keppinger for PTBNL
  • Keeping Tony Pena Jr to long
  • I could think of more but I just don't want to think about the Royals right now.

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