Friday, June 12, 2009

Hornswoggled and Seagulled

Yes the Royals were hornswoggled by that there seagull last night or as one could say public enemy # 1. (I'd advise that seagull not to take any family trips to Kc anytime soon)

But of course there would be no need for the seagull play if Farnsworth does not walk the second batter he faces pushing DeRosa to second. I mean I knew the game was over at that point.

And digging further we'll see that without the defensive miscues of the eighth the Royals would not have went 10 innings and would have one, but there was no such luck and the seagull will become a TV star. Royals dodge a bullet as loss will be blamed on the bird and not poor play.
But even if it didn't hit the gull odds are really good DeRosa scores on that hit.

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