Monday, June 22, 2009

Why not make the move ?

Ok with Kyle Davies in AAA and you don't really have a viable replacement.
Why not sign Pedro Martinez ?
At least some fans would pay just to see him pitch can't say the same for Sidney Ponson or Bruce Chen plus it might buy you some more time Dayton. Because every day Hillman is still here and the roster features a gazillion middle infielders the heat of the fan base is starting to get warm on you Mr. Moore

Ok so reinforcements are on the way ?

MLB Royals 29 - 39
AAA Omaha 27- 43
AA NWA 35 - 33

Nope not in the near future

Brayan Pena
Ok the Royals need to use Brayan Pena more. Geez the guy is hitting .280 and I'm much rather have him DH then Mike Jacobs.

Mike Jacobs
Every Jake AB you can basically bet on a strikeout it is so pathatic to watch. And what is all this about Jacobs being such a professional ?
He doesn't look like a professional with his mouth crammed full. and he hasn't homer in his last 42 AB's. Last tome Jake played 1B was May 23.

Tony Pena Jr.
Why is this guy still on the roster ? the last two years combined he's hitting .160 going, 41 for 256. And has 12 errors during that span. Three this year.

Tug Hulett
O for 11 on the year. OBP .000

Miguel Olivo
58 strikeouts, 2 Base on Balls if it wasn't for 10 Homers to lead the team he'd be totally useless as a starting catcher. Oh wait....

Teahen, Maier
Are backup players on just about every MLB team

Is having a tough year let's just hope that it's just a fluke year but I doubt it is

Luis Hernandez
Is Tony Pena Jr only a wee bit better

The Rotation
Has under preformed

The Bullpen
Has been a let down

Friday, June 19, 2009

Royals SS quandary may I suggest ....

A 42 year old superstar ? Well he is hitting .323 and has 11 Gold Gloves and would if nothing else be a great role model for all the younger players. So what if he's 42 Omar still has it.
Why would he want to be traded from Texas well he wouldn't but Kc would be in better shape trading for Vizquel and if nothing else at the end of the season you can go out and get somebody but for now Vizquel is the way to go.
Heck he even has four stolen bases top that Bloomquist/Pena Jr/Hulett/Hernandez oh wait Willie is the exception but at least then he can play CF.

Omar Vizquel make it happen Dayton

Why to, why not to, fire Hillman

A list of pros and cons to why or why not Dayton Moore should fire Trey Hillman

Why to
  • Appease the fans who will soon start for your head
  • The Royals suck
  • Make Joe Maddon look dumber then when he first made his choice (and remember he's dumb enough to not use the DH)
  • The Royals suck
  • Bullpen misuse
  • The Royals suck
  • The stupid hoodie he's always wearing
  • The Royals suck
  • Some people might actually want to win more then 60 games a season and hate the fact this team sucks
Why not to
  • There are more managers available after the season
  • Some players on the team like to lose
  • The Royals might win er lose to the #1 pick (Win Nats Win !!!)
  • The Royals hoodie sales are up 25 percent
  • Then we couldn't go to Hillman's ranch in Texas to escape the fans wrath

I'm sorry I REALLY REALLY like Hillman as a man but not as a manager.
Winning IS the bottom line.
I'd fire my best friend if I had to.
Winning IS the bottom line.
The economy is bad but baseball is different if we lay of Trey he'll latch on somewhere
Winning IS the bottom line.
Winning IS the bottom line.
Winning IS the bottom line.
Winning IS the bottom line.

Winning IS the bottom line.

But it'll never happen go back to your day dream folks rock in roll is taking over part of my Royals time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dog Fight

I'm sorry it's not funny at all, but still I couldn't help but laugh.
Farnsworth got 4 stitches after being bitten by one of his dogs and you know you're not having a good season when that happens. Hey in a turn of good luck it wasn't his pitching hand, and the dogs do have great names Strike and Rambo.

At least he's no Micheal Vick and for that we applaud him.

Get well soon Farnsy cause I think your luck just might be changing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My answers

I also did a Q/A for AZ Snake Pit my answers can be found at here if anyone is interested.
Here's to a Royal sweep and we get to see Zavada's 'stache.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Series Preview with Jim of AZ SnakePit

Thanks to Jim of AZ SnakePit for answering a few questions for us Royals fans.

What do we need to know about this D-Backs team ?

For a team expected to contend for the division title this year, it's been enormously frustrating. They're a young side, and perhaps it's to be expected, but they have alternated flashes of brilliance with games where everything that can go wrong, will. On their day, they can beat anyone; however, they're just as capable of getting swept.

How's A.J. Hinch as a manager ?

Still finding his feet a little. His lack of managerial experience, atany level, was one of the main things people were critical of, but he already had a relationship with most of our young players, when Hinch was managing the farm system. He seems less bunt-happy than Melvin was, so I'm all in favor of that!

What can we expect from the Arz starters, Davis, Scherzer, Haren

You're getting the front-end of the rotation. Doug Davis has been a pleasant surprise so far: his starts are still littered with base-runners, but he's been great with runners in scoring position so far,and the results have been good.
Max Scherzer is developing nicely; he still needs to be more economical, simply getting batters out rather than striking them out, but is now going deeper into games. Dan Haren has been the best starter in the National League so far, by just about any measure, and has been a real joy to watch.

How's Billy Buckner been for ya'll ?

Want him back? Actually, he's been very good outside of Chase, with a 0.68 ERA, and a couple of really-good starts. However, playing at home has been a totally different thing - seven home-runs in less than twenty innings and an ERA approaching twelve. If you've got any suggestions as to why this might be the case, AJ Hinch would love to hear from you!

Clay Zavada he's got an ERA of 0.00 after 11 and a third innings but is his mustache better then he is ?

His mustache is great - that's All-Star caliber facial hair, no question about it - but thus far, his pitching has been even better. Although, obviously, someone will score a run off him eventually, so far, he's perhaps looked the most likely of this year's Double-A call-ups to sticj with the the team. He's a great story, who gave up baseball to run the family farm after his father died, and a true character.

What has gone wrong for the D-Backs this year ?

Injuries. That robbed us of Brandon Webb, who had eleven victories by this point last year, compared to the two posted by the various replacements (such as Buckner). We also lost Conor Jackson, about the team's best pure hitter in 2008, to a fungal lung condition known as valley fever, and no-one know when or whether he'll be back. Those were two big blows to the team. The inconsistency of the bullpen has also been a real problem, but we'll get to that shortly...

Who's hot for the D-Backs ?

Mark Reynolds was just voted NL co-Player of the Week, and fully deserves it, with nine homers and 29 RBI in the past 28 days. Justin Upton's stats are monstrous for a 21-year old - only two players so young have posted a higher OPS than his current .953 over the past 50 years, Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols. Dan Haren was mentioned already, but is worth repeating - past four starts, his ERA is 1.45, with a K:BB ration of 27:4.

Who's not ?

The highest-paid position player for the Diamondbacks, Eric Byrnes, continues to struggle, batting only .216 with four homers. Chris Young in CF is even lower, hitting .189, but has shown some signs of turning it around lately. Closer Chad Qualls has been battling both mechanical and medical issues, with forearm stiffness causing problems - he needs to keep the pitches down in the zone to be successful, and has struggled to do so.

If the D-Backs have the lead after 7 innings will the bullpen put the game away ?

Yes. Though they may "put the game away" in favor of the opposition! It's been a minefield of inconsistency through which the team has had to tip-toe. Our relievers no-hit the Padres for nine innings in a game that went to 18 frames; but the only reason there were extra innings to begin with, is because the bullpen allowed five in the ninth to tie things up! On any given day, any given pitcher can be perfect or dreadful. Never a dull moment, that's for sure...

Thanks again to Jim, once again AZ Snake Pit for all thing D-Backs.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A loss that no one cares about

As the Kc Star pointed out,

(and I hate to say this but who carries around 75 cents ? I've always bout the Star whenever I was in town because I always had 2 quarters but not always three, also I love it but how does putting up the same articles online help the paper ? But with that being said go buy a paper because newspapers are cool)

New York Mets manager Jerry Manuel seemed to imply Saturday that losses are easier to swallow in Kansas City

“I don’t know how many games I’ve managed,” Manuel said, “but I’m sure, just like any manager, there’s been a lot of tough, tough losses. No doubt about that.

“I think here they just seem to be a little more visual. Everybody seems to know what’s happening here. Whereas if I had a tough loss in Kansas City, nobody knew about it. Kansas City knew about it, but nobody else.

“But here, it looks like everybody knows about the tough losses. And that’s part of baseball, that’s part of baseball.”

And that's the bad thing, Jerry is not the bad guy here at all. In fact he is so true.
And before you shout about East Coast bias just ponder on this piece of history.

The great African leader of the Zulu's Shaka used to make his troops walk barefoot over thorns until they could no longer feel any pain. And in fact there are a lot of cultures throughout history were they were trained to ignore pain.

It's like a little kid maybe 9 years old who says a bad word and is reprimanded but as he gets older he losses his since of morals and says #%*)@ every other word without a thought about it.

It's a part of the culture you raised in and here lately well the past 24 years to be exact the Royals have had a culture of losing. So much so that the fanbase has became immune to it. Instead of expecting victory, you brace yourself for defeat. You become complacent, a loss is part of the mundane.
Instead of getting so pissed off a drop ball is nothing new, a mental mistake is just another game of "Royals baseball". Instead of cursing that accursed gull we hope it's ok.

And until that changes, nothing great will ever come from this team.

Speaking of such
Jose Lima is looking to make a comeback. We all remember Jose's first comeback were he was magician on a magical team. But that was 6 years ago and it ain't been pretty since then to say the least. Jose you were a fun player to watch please don't mar your image any more then it already is.

Royal Sweep
I love interleague play nothing like giving a pathetic AL team a glimmer of hope.
I'd so love to see a Nationals-Royals game that would so make my day. The sweep of the Reds was great but all it did was buy Hillman another month or so.

I still
Have not made it out to the "New K" as I've been saving money to attend Cornerstone (yeah Underoath), but I will try and make a game this year. And this has been a very trying year on my fandom as I've probably spent the least amount of my time on this team then any other since 2003. So if it gets to bad I'll just make this blog about rock music.
(Just kidding)

Enjoy the off day tomorrow

Friday, June 12, 2009

Royals/Reds Preview

A preview of the upcoming Royals/Reds matchup courtsey of the great guys at I mean face it the Reds are everyone's favorite NL team right ?
Anyway check it out why don't-cha,

Go Royals, and when they leave Kc go Reds (smash the Cards and Pirates for us)

Hornswoggled and Seagulled

Yes the Royals were hornswoggled by that there seagull last night or as one could say public enemy # 1. (I'd advise that seagull not to take any family trips to Kc anytime soon)

But of course there would be no need for the seagull play if Farnsworth does not walk the second batter he faces pushing DeRosa to second. I mean I knew the game was over at that point.

And digging further we'll see that without the defensive miscues of the eighth the Royals would not have went 10 innings and would have one, but there was no such luck and the seagull will become a TV star. Royals dodge a bullet as loss will be blamed on the bird and not poor play.
But even if it didn't hit the gull odds are really good DeRosa scores on that hit.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Tomorrow is the were all the lousy teams get to have there "World Series" if you will, to bad the Royals are one of those teams. The season didn't start that way but by now it's all we have left right ? I mean the June draft is to give teams like the Royals something remotely worth watching.
So let's take a look at what we can look forward to. The rumors are a college pitcher so let's look at the great pitchers we've drafted.
  • 2004 Matt Campbell
  • 2001 Colt Griffin
  • 2000 Mike Stodolka
  • 1999 Kyle Snyder
  • 1999 Mike MacDougal
  • 1999 Jay Gehrke
  • 1999 Jimmy Gobble
  • 1998 Jeff Austin
  • 1998 Matt Burch
  • 1998 Chris George
  • 1997 Dan Reichert
  • 1994 Matt Smith
  • 1993 Jeff Granger
2nd Round Pitchers
  • 2004 Billy Buckner
  • 2004 Erik Cordier
And if it's not a pitcher let's look at the non pitcher's
  • 2003 Chris Lubanski
  • 2003 Mitch Maier
  • 1996 Dee Brown
  • 1995 Juan LeBron
Just remember the Royals have drafted only 2 All Stars (MacDougal, Wilson) in the 1st RD since 1969.(Also Johnny Damon but he didn't make the All-Star squad as a Royal)

So at least there is always hope that the other guys who aren't the first pick make it (the Royals have never had a 50th RD pick make the Majors)or Stephen Strasburgdrops to the Royals. That'll never happen but I'm going to dream about it tonight.

The Royals should sign David Dellucci to a milb contract start him in AAA and the if he still has it DFA Tony Pena Jr. Instant upgrade to the dying, er I mean dead offense. Because Mitch Maier is not the answer and David DeJesus is batting .232.

And that brings me
To my final point The Royals after the game Sunday had 4 batters with a BA under .250
The Blue Jays had only one and that was Joe Inglett with all 16 AB's on the season

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's like the movie Old Yeller

Just give someone the gun at let them put the team out of it's misery. The team has lost eight straight they are not fun to watch, they are not fun to listen to (Specially since Denny doesn't do road trips anymore), and they are not fun to follow.
I've listened to the Royals Post Game show and also thought to myself how much longer can we put up with not just Hillman, but Dayton Moore ?
Know I don't want to go into detail and I'm already going off subject but at some point the losing streak keeps going and yet look around and there is no roster changes.
Now I still think Trey should go but he can only do so much with the team he has and when he looks around and sees Hernandez/Pena Jr./Hulett/Bloomquist and has to choose one to play SS.

So what needs to happen is major changes a couple callups, a trade, a firing. Something needs to put a spark in this team. Because this team is dead.
When Zack Greinke can't give you a day......

It's like the movie Old Yeller only we didn't catch rabies in a fight, no that would take to much effort.

Dayton's failures
  • Trading Matt Stairs to Texas for Joselo Diaz
  • Signing Jose Guillen 3 year $36m
  • Gathright/Howell swap
  • Trading Keppinger for PTBNL
  • Keeping Tony Pena Jr to long
  • I could think of more but I just don't want to think about the Royals right now.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We all knew HoRam would blow it.

Any interview ideas ?