Saturday, May 23, 2009

What I wanted to wake up to this morning,

  • Horacio's Ramirez butt DFA I'm sick of his 7.64 ERA and Hillman's use of him another wasted million in the vein of Brett Tomko, another great signing by Dayton Moore.

  • Royals Authority asks:
    Do you press the panic button over Mike Aviles? He's lost, healthy forearm or not, but can you put Willie Bloomquist at short everyday? And will he really continue to hit, anyway?
Well we all know what my take is on this you CAN NOT keep running out Aviles and his .188 AVG.
If Bloomquist is going to PH for him later on why not just start him ? And even if he doesn't continue to hit he's going to have to go 0 for 40+ AB's to be as bad. I mean we all hated LaRue, we all hated Tony Pena Jr so their is no difference. And I like Luis Hernandez and believe he's worth a shot at SS. But if history repeats it's self you'll remember LaRue, and TJ both finished the year at Kc without ever being sent down or DFA'd.

Royals Milb Update on Players RoRetc cares about
  • Brayan Pena is hitting .339
  • Tug Hulett is hitting .299
  • Who remembers this guy ? I'd forgotten his real name.
  • Victor Marte is 2-1 with a 2.57 ERA in 21 IP w 3 SV in AA
  • Scott Thorman is now with AAA Omaha
Luke Hochevar will pitch great today I believe yes I'm feeling a great game from him.

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