Thursday, May 28, 2009

Royals to Playoffs ?

Recently well a couple minutes ago I came across this over at MLBTR.
The headline announced: Less then 10 percent chance to make playoffs
I struggled over the next part,
  • Pirates - 9.46%
  • Giants - 8.78%
  • Mariners - 6.14%
  • Rockies: 4.84%
  • Athletics: 4.36%
  • White Sox: 4.33%
  • Marlins: 3.20%
  • Orioles: 2.77%
  • Diamondbacks: 2.58%
  • Astros: 2.25%
  • Nationals: 0.52%
I read it over and over and still no Royals ? What the heck who does such cruel jokes ?
So I went to the site and found out the Royals have a, (gas)
20.36882 percent chance
Of making the playoffs. And here's the scary part it was last updated TODAY.
So we can still turn things around as there is still June/July/August and September left.
And as Melly pointed out earlier that means the next four months can be good or could be four months of hell. So........

Who wants to buy the Rangers ?

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  1. Interesting. How are the Sox 4% and the Indians 14%? I'd say they have about the same chance as everyone else in the Central behind Detroit :)

    Nice site, btw.