Saturday, May 23, 2009

Royals Merch IV

Let's start out the Royals Merch IV with this lovely um thing,

It's the Guidecraft Kansas City Royals Children's Toy Box. It's hand-carved, hand painted collections that proudly bears official logos, colors and markings of your favorite team. And get this, Country Of Origin : United States
No freaking way !!!
And as they say it's Worthy of being passed down from generation to generation.
And it can be yours for a mere $189.99
Also please don't buy this if your weak as it's 48 Lbs.

Now this is a must buy the "Titleist Kansas City Royals Single Canopy Golf Umbrella" for all the golfers who love to play in the rain (seriously I've never understood this at all). Anyway this China made beauty used to be $66.99 but for you lucky RoRetc readers it's only $59.97.
Ok maybe you can get it at that price without being a RoRetc reader.

Ladies and Gentleman it's the Guidecraft Kansas City Royals Children's Clothes Tree
all the same as the storage you know hand crafted, hand painted, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, it's a cute baby lamp !!!

Wow I could get in trouble if I said something about this one.... leave a comment if you gots to know.
If not does it not just looks like another drape ?
Well it's not it's the "Dan River Kansas City Royals Blue Unlined Drapes" and it's

The mega load the "XZipit Kansas City Royals Home Theater Recliner" with removable logo panel !! Yes when the Royals tick you off for the last time you just remove the Royals logo panel insert the Yankees one and your set. This miracle of modern science is yours for a mere a mere,
Seriously some of us spend more then that on worthless stuff like electricity and water bills. So drop that junk and buy a chair.

It's a must the Kc Royals Pool Table the Holy Grail of Royals merch

  • 8" table has metal main beams and play surface height of 31"
  • Outside dimensions: 58" x 102" / Play field dimensions: 44" x 88"
  • Top rail cape heights of 32" and rail width of 6 1/2"
  • Rubber coated wire track ball return system
  • Laminated cross members and chrome corners
  • billiard cloth features team logo

The only set back you'll face my friends is the price tag of $2,250
*coughs* and $700 Delivery and Installation Fee *coughs*

*_^~*_^~ (now that pattern is cool)

So there you have it I'll have another new Merch up soon but for now feel free to send me an email with a pic and small story of the weirdest peice of Royals merch you own.

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