Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh my (Last night's game)

Royals lose 12-3 as Hochevar was beaten up in his first game of 2009. Of course Steve Stewart kept comparing Luke's AAA starts to this one. It was one of those games were you really missed the Matthews/Lefebrve combination in the radio booth, because the talk would have been great.

Overall I thought Luke looked good not pitching wise but it looked like he'd lost a few pounds, of course without his beard maybe that was what downed him.

What I still can't fathom is why anyone would want to see Ponson start next time out. Hochevar has been solid all year from ST, to AAA. And we all know every now and then a guy's going to have a bad outing and this unfortunately was Lukes. But to clamor for Ponson ???
Hoch was the 1ST OVERALL pick. And it's at the point were you've got to run him out and see if he's a part of the future. Because Ponson/Ramirez well they are not for sure.
Even though we are still *tied* for 1st in the AL Central the Royals need to know what they've got in Hochevar.

But last night again it was the offense with a chance to take the lead before Oakland and set the tempo but they didn't take advantage and they haven't during this losing streak. I guess it's the California air who knows but the offense that has struggled all year isn't even struggling now it's just curled up and died.

I had a feeling Jack Cust would hit a Home Run I could just feel it as he always does against the Royals

I for one would rather have Travis Buck over John Buck, because if nothing else at least Travis has some cool hair.

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