Friday, May 8, 2009

Kentucky Derby results

The horse "Mine that Bird" won the Kentucky the Derby the most prestigious race in horse racing (because for real who bothers to watch the Preakness ? And we all know that the Belmont only matters if a horse wins the first two. No ? ) at the odds of 50:1.
Well the Royals are 1: 6500 to win the World Series which basically is like 50:1 if the Royals were a horse, but they are not. Still it'll be a great summer and I can't believe I'm spending my time looking at the standings (something I usually try to avoid) and Detroit's scores.
Well all we need is a little luck and maybe some Calvin Borel.

Well George Brett calls it the "Kougar" to so Sammy Mell isn't the only one but that name just really sucks dude. I'm sorry Brett you were a great player but not on this one and just because your George Brett it still ain't going to happen. And that could be a reason why the Royals have been in the cellar for so long. I mean it's great to honor and respect your former players but eventually you've got to move on. Do I go gaga over the name Brett ? No. Do I cheer for Sweeney when he's playing us ? Well of course not. No man should EVER out image the organization and that's what happened with Brett. I'm not downing him at all but he is not the team.
Bottom line it the K. K stands for KAUFFMAN. Splitt better get better soon because I can't stand anymore of Frank White. Aghhh
And it's not that I'm abandoning the name because I still love the RoR but ever since the change from 810 WHB to 610 something. I can't get any night games to come in clearly. Not through the local affiliates 1420 AM or even 95.1 FM. So yeah not to mention the pre and post games to a hit with the change. I like 610's Greg Schuam and Nick Wright but other then that........ notin.

Finally May 6th of 2009 I quit the very first Royals group/board/blog that I ever joined.
I started the yahoo kcroyalsbaseball group that I first joined February 6th 2006. My three year run there was all the same since day one is was a Kc Cardinals site. Yes you couldn't go a month without an argument somehow pertaining to the Red suckers. I owe the site alot as I said I'd still be just as die hard of a fan you just wouldn't have my opinion. The group lead me Jack D, which lead to Royals Nation, and then to everywhere else and eventually here. It's not a bad group it's just not very good overall there's some greats I'll miss some of them but Lord knows not everyone.

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