Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm not worthy

Apparently I'm not worthy of having a comment left on my blog that says:

Posted by Greinke fan, May 12 2009

Zack Greinke has hit the big time now. He has his own shirt..Zack Attackkkk....

Man that really ticks a guy off just when you think you've hit the big time. So even though it's pretty cool this is one mad blogger who you won't see in one.

Anyway Hochevar to start tonight I couldn't be happier oh wait maybe I could.
Sidney has his best start of the year and then you move him to the bullpen, now that logic is a little flawed my friends.

2nd Favorite Team
Well my co-worker at Bonnie Plants asked me what my 2nd favorite team was and I still can's answer that I just don't have a 2nd favorite and I think we all know it's not the Pirates or Yankees.

Hope to have more soon but I've been out of town just remember the FS Royals postgame is not rated isn't that right Brian Fuentes ?

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