Monday, May 25, 2009

Hillman hates for a reason

Trey Hillman is ticked off and for three reasons
  1. Gil Meche was out pitched by mopup man Sidney Ponson, and don't look now but the Roman's is the pitcher Kc had today
  2. The Royals sucked today
  3. Those red hats (fill in the blank) !!!

I'm as patriotic as the next guy maybe even more some, I mean who hasn't wanted to punch the jerk in front of you who doesn't remove his hat for the National Anthem ?
(God Bless America is completely different completely)
I wrote the commissioner's office once saying that on Memorial day the players should put a "Buddy Poppy" in their hats, and was so pleased last year with multi-colored "Kc" hats but these all red ones are, are, nuts ! I could understand a cap layered with red white and blue but this ? Why not a White cap with blue and red ? Why not a blue cap ?
But red ? For the Royals ??

I mean don't look know but the Reds seem to look just fine, not like an eye sore that has already swollen up and blinded you with an infection that is slowly killing you ! Oh sorry got to rambling.

Anyway hate the hats the Royals colors are blue and white. Heck even the black jerseys were alright. But this, this is something I'd bet the "Natinals" were behind.

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