Saturday, May 30, 2009

FSN: Kansas City Epic Failure

Friday May 29

FSKC fans: Tuesday was our last Greinke strikeout giveaway game, but we're working to come up with something new (and fun) soon for our Facebook fans

Just stupid as if the Royals fans haven't been rejected enough now FSN Kc or FSN Royals what ever the heck it is.
Now it'd be understandable if this were 10 starts later, the Royals were in first and, Greinke was striking out 20 a game.
But the fact is the Royals suck right now and Greinke is still getting the job done, I mean couldn't ANYONE ANYONE see that Zack would strike out at least 200 this season ? And didn't the promotion started after he'd already K'd 50 plus ?
Guys use your brain if you can't afford something don't start !!!!
So yeah that really ticks me off almost a little more then this team.

And I still have never eatin at a Panera Bread since they did this same thing.
At least Krispy Kreame had the balls to finish out the season.

And Joel Goldberg sorry man, you're not that good.
And for Pete's sake why are you guys always making fun of Royals fans ? Geez you guys are worse then Hawk at times.
Ryan ever since you left the radio you keep getting worse and worse.

And that's not all of it there is the screwed commercials,
"As Travis Buck and the Royals"

FSN Royals you are an Epic Fail.

Go Royals on Radio, go Royals, and here's pity for the guy who names his blog FSN Royals etc, it's just not good..... at all.

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