Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fire Hillman

I don't care what anyone thinks.
The Royals are 5-16 in there last 21 games and I hate watching this team.
At least back with Buddy Bell it was fun to watch and fun to make fun of him.
Yeah I said fun to make fun, I'm desperate man.
Lesser managers have been canned i.e. Clint Hurdle
I thought Pendelton was the best choice and I'd still like to see him but Clint Hurdle is available
And he's been to the World Series in America not Japan.
True it's not all Trey's fault but I'm tired of him.
And George Brett can suck on that, I really really don't care.
At all
At least for the time being
Ho rah for Bryan Pena ho rah !!!


  1. The thing is that you can blog all you want but you do not have to go into a big league clubhouse and answer to the players. that is the biggest complaint i would have about bloggers...George Brett doesn't know who u are and most players would certainly have issues with the freedom that bloggers have to write whatever they want w/out any repercussion.

    signed a player that will remain anonymous just like you

  2. It is hard to make fun of Hillman. Unfortunately, I don't think it's his fault that the royals sucked so bad in May.

  3. Anonymous player, I've never claimed to be anonymous my name is Ray Wachter III and I live in California, Mo. Shoot me an email and I'll give you my address and phone number.

    No I don't have to go into a big league clubhouse and answer to the players, and I'm sure there are some jerks there.
    And yeah the freedom to write whatever the heck I want w/out any repercussion is pretty sweet. But that's America.

    Unnamed player I'm sure Hillman is a great guy and I've met him before and he is, but the bottom line is and will always be winning.
    And I've been following the team longer then you've been a member.

    And maybe if Hillman is canned it'll wake some guys up.

    I was ticked when I posted this.
    But like I said look me up I'll buy you a drink something.

    And finally if you are Mike Jacobs please cut back on the chew just a little.
    Get a win for me whoever you are,

    Raymond M Wachter III
    California, Mo

    He keeps running out Pomson, and HoRam in critical situations. And I just can't stand this team much longer.