Friday, May 15, 2009

.198 (Random thoughts)

Mike Avile's batting average oh wait I'm getting a phone call it's Angel Berroa he wants to know why Mike is using the patented Berroa one'n done. So my question is how much longer can the Royals keep running him out there and should he be moved to AAA ?
Tug Hulett is currently batting .289.

6 game losing streak <>
The 6 game losing streak is bigger in my opinion because it followed the six game winning streak and has stolen the momentum. While the Royals should have been adding to there lead they're now in a three way tie.

Tonight's game is a sellout
Despite the Royals 6 game losing streak and the rain. And I think we all know almost all of it is due to one Zack Greinke. If Dayton does nothing from this point on he'll still be praised if nothing else for the ZG contract extension.

If the losing streak continues....
One would think the fire Hillman banter will begin again. My question would be why did it stop ???

Well it's not much but it's about to storm and the satellite Internet will probably go out soon so....
Go Royals !!!


  1. I agree that Aviles looks lost at the plate this season. He is missing consistently with high fastballs and appears to be taking his eye off the ball and jerking his head toward third and lunging in the same general direction when swinging at the ball. Perhaps that's oversimplifying it, but what I do know is that Aviles has still been hamstrung with pitiful luck this year.

    His line-drive percentage (20.7) is higher than it was last year (20.3) but his batting average on balls in play has declined by some 120 points!!!! His strikeout numbers have increased, and his slumps are of course accentuated by his hacktastic ways, but I think Aviles will eventually come around. That said, he isn't repeating 2008 ever again. The four projection systems each had him roughly a .270/.310/.420 player, though, which is a mountain to climb from where he is now, but it's attainable. Of course, there's still the bad luck element.

    How would I respond to this problem? Continue mixing and matching him and Bloomquist at SS, with Aviles still getting the bulk of the playing time. Bat him no higher than 9th. Basically, keep doing what Hillman seems to be starting to do right now.

  2. Agreed, Aviles needs some time off.