Friday, May 22, 2009

The .191 AVG in the Room

Well I loved Mike Aviles last season he was just astounding as he seemingly came from nowhere to steal our hearts, but it's not 2008 anymore. And Mike is hitting just a mere .191 average and his OBP is .217 and SlG percentage .261. And then you must warrant a comparison with Willie Bloomquist and so we will.

Aviles .191
Bloomquist .320
Edge: Willie

Aviles .217
Bloomquist .398
Edge: Willie

Aviles .261
Bloomquist .427
Edge: Willie

And that's not the worst of it Bloomquist has scored 3 more runs, has 3 more hits, 8 more stolen bases in 6 fewer games and 40 less AB's.
And even if Bloomguist went O for his next 40 AB's he'd still be hitting .208, 17 points higher then Aviles right now.

And say your not a fan of Bloomquist at SS, why not give Luis Hernandez a shot ?
Hernandez is 1 for 6 and no doubt that he's a slick fielder at SS. He may not have the best bat if his AVG was to shadow Aviles' he'd have to do just have to get a mere 20 hits in his next 109 AB's.

It may seem like I'm coming down on Aviles but seriously we all called for Pena to be gone last year when he hit .189, we all cussed out LaRue in 07 when he hit .148. So I see absolutely no difference between the three guys.

So what must be done, we need to send Aviles down to AAA, and then maybe you activate Joakim Soria, or callup Tug Hulett but you've got to do something with Mike Aviles, before he becomes just another Angel Berroa. So for now let's see Willie Bloomquist at SS tonight.

A Side not on batting averages:
Buck's is .230
Olivo .218
And during his time in Kc B.Pena hit .286 and hasn't slowed in AAA.

Willie Bloomquist for Royals Shortstop
Everybody loves Bloomquist


  1. It seems like the Royals Shortstop Curse continues... The last starting Royals shortstop that came from its farm system, besides Angel Berroa, was Onix Concepcion
    during 1984 - 1985. He batted a .282/.319/.338 the first year and .204/.255/.245 the next.

    Sound familiar? I'm thinking that UL Washington must've placed the curse, because he was the only starting Royals SS from the farm system that found continued success for more than a year.

  2. Good point I'd forgotten about Onix, and you've got to be right about that curse