Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fire Hillman

I don't care what anyone thinks.
The Royals are 5-16 in there last 21 games and I hate watching this team.
At least back with Buddy Bell it was fun to watch and fun to make fun of him.
Yeah I said fun to make fun, I'm desperate man.
Lesser managers have been canned i.e. Clint Hurdle
I thought Pendelton was the best choice and I'd still like to see him but Clint Hurdle is available
And he's been to the World Series in America not Japan.
True it's not all Trey's fault but I'm tired of him.
And George Brett can suck on that, I really really don't care.
At all
At least for the time being
Ho rah for Bryan Pena ho rah !!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

FSN: Kansas City Epic Failure

Friday May 29

FSKC fans: Tuesday was our last Greinke strikeout giveaway game, but we're working to come up with something new (and fun) soon for our Facebook fans

Just stupid as if the Royals fans haven't been rejected enough now FSN Kc or FSN Royals what ever the heck it is.
Now it'd be understandable if this were 10 starts later, the Royals were in first and, Greinke was striking out 20 a game.
But the fact is the Royals suck right now and Greinke is still getting the job done, I mean couldn't ANYONE ANYONE see that Zack would strike out at least 200 this season ? And didn't the promotion started after he'd already K'd 50 plus ?
Guys use your brain if you can't afford something don't start !!!!
So yeah that really ticks me off almost a little more then this team.

And I still have never eatin at a Panera Bread since they did this same thing.
At least Krispy Kreame had the balls to finish out the season.

And Joel Goldberg sorry man, you're not that good.
And for Pete's sake why are you guys always making fun of Royals fans ? Geez you guys are worse then Hawk at times.
Ryan ever since you left the radio you keep getting worse and worse.

And that's not all of it there is the screwed commercials,
"As Travis Buck and the Royals"

FSN Royals you are an Epic Fail.

Go Royals on Radio, go Royals, and here's pity for the guy who names his blog FSN Royals etc, it's just not good..... at all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Royals to Playoffs ?

Recently well a couple minutes ago I came across this over at MLBTR.
The headline announced: Less then 10 percent chance to make playoffs
I struggled over the next part,
  • Pirates - 9.46%
  • Giants - 8.78%
  • Mariners - 6.14%
  • Rockies: 4.84%
  • Athletics: 4.36%
  • White Sox: 4.33%
  • Marlins: 3.20%
  • Orioles: 2.77%
  • Diamondbacks: 2.58%
  • Astros: 2.25%
  • Nationals: 0.52%
I read it over and over and still no Royals ? What the heck who does such cruel jokes ?
So I went to the site and found out the Royals have a, (gas)
20.36882 percent chance
Of making the playoffs. And here's the scary part it was last updated TODAY.
So we can still turn things around as there is still June/July/August and September left.
And as Melly pointed out earlier that means the next four months can be good or could be four months of hell. So........

Who wants to buy the Rangers ?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Trey Hillman suspended for one game for apparently spitting in Paul Emmel's eye. Emmel had to have his eye removed, well maybe he didn't . But shouldn't Paul have glasses on anyway ?
Well I know I've be accused of spitting on people before on accident but Trey can't do that.

Everyone be assured that Bible man Trey Hillman is a total badass !!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hillman hates for a reason

Trey Hillman is ticked off and for three reasons
  1. Gil Meche was out pitched by mopup man Sidney Ponson, and don't look now but the Roman's is the pitcher Kc had today
  2. The Royals sucked today
  3. Those red hats (fill in the blank) !!!

I'm as patriotic as the next guy maybe even more some, I mean who hasn't wanted to punch the jerk in front of you who doesn't remove his hat for the National Anthem ?
(God Bless America is completely different completely)
I wrote the commissioner's office once saying that on Memorial day the players should put a "Buddy Poppy" in their hats, and was so pleased last year with multi-colored "Kc" hats but these all red ones are, are, nuts ! I could understand a cap layered with red white and blue but this ? Why not a White cap with blue and red ? Why not a blue cap ?
But red ? For the Royals ??

I mean don't look know but the Reds seem to look just fine, not like an eye sore that has already swollen up and blinded you with an infection that is slowly killing you ! Oh sorry got to rambling.

Anyway hate the hats the Royals colors are blue and white. Heck even the black jerseys were alright. But this, this is something I'd bet the "Natinals" were behind.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Thank you to all the men and women who have gave the ultimate sacrifice for America
And all those who serve today God Bless you.

Royals Merch IV

Let's start out the Royals Merch IV with this lovely um thing,

It's the Guidecraft Kansas City Royals Children's Toy Box. It's hand-carved, hand painted collections that proudly bears official logos, colors and markings of your favorite team. And get this, Country Of Origin : United States
No freaking way !!!
And as they say it's Worthy of being passed down from generation to generation.
And it can be yours for a mere $189.99
Also please don't buy this if your weak as it's 48 Lbs.

Now this is a must buy the "Titleist Kansas City Royals Single Canopy Golf Umbrella" for all the golfers who love to play in the rain (seriously I've never understood this at all). Anyway this China made beauty used to be $66.99 but for you lucky RoRetc readers it's only $59.97.
Ok maybe you can get it at that price without being a RoRetc reader.

Ladies and Gentleman it's the Guidecraft Kansas City Royals Children's Clothes Tree
all the same as the storage you know hand crafted, hand painted, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, it's a cute baby lamp !!!

Wow I could get in trouble if I said something about this one.... leave a comment if you gots to know.
If not does it not just looks like another drape ?
Well it's not it's the "Dan River Kansas City Royals Blue Unlined Drapes" and it's

The mega load the "XZipit Kansas City Royals Home Theater Recliner" with removable logo panel !! Yes when the Royals tick you off for the last time you just remove the Royals logo panel insert the Yankees one and your set. This miracle of modern science is yours for a mere a mere,
Seriously some of us spend more then that on worthless stuff like electricity and water bills. So drop that junk and buy a chair.

It's a must the Kc Royals Pool Table the Holy Grail of Royals merch

  • 8" table has metal main beams and play surface height of 31"
  • Outside dimensions: 58" x 102" / Play field dimensions: 44" x 88"
  • Top rail cape heights of 32" and rail width of 6 1/2"
  • Rubber coated wire track ball return system
  • Laminated cross members and chrome corners
  • billiard cloth features team logo

The only set back you'll face my friends is the price tag of $2,250
*coughs* and $700 Delivery and Installation Fee *coughs*

*_^~*_^~ (now that pattern is cool)

So there you have it I'll have another new Merch up soon but for now feel free to send me an email with a pic and small story of the weirdest peice of Royals merch you own.

The Last time the Royals scored

The Last Time the Royals scored.......

This guy was a pup

This guy/gal was still a pig (a tiny runt mind you)

And this guy was still around.
But in all seriousness this really sucks

What I wanted to wake up to this morning,

  • Horacio's Ramirez butt DFA I'm sick of his 7.64 ERA and Hillman's use of him another wasted million in the vein of Brett Tomko, another great signing by Dayton Moore.

  • Royals Authority asks:
    Do you press the panic button over Mike Aviles? He's lost, healthy forearm or not, but can you put Willie Bloomquist at short everyday? And will he really continue to hit, anyway?
Well we all know what my take is on this you CAN NOT keep running out Aviles and his .188 AVG.
If Bloomquist is going to PH for him later on why not just start him ? And even if he doesn't continue to hit he's going to have to go 0 for 40+ AB's to be as bad. I mean we all hated LaRue, we all hated Tony Pena Jr so their is no difference. And I like Luis Hernandez and believe he's worth a shot at SS. But if history repeats it's self you'll remember LaRue, and TJ both finished the year at Kc without ever being sent down or DFA'd.

Royals Milb Update on Players RoRetc cares about
  • Brayan Pena is hitting .339
  • Tug Hulett is hitting .299
  • Who remembers this guy ? I'd forgotten his real name.
  • Victor Marte is 2-1 with a 2.57 ERA in 21 IP w 3 SV in AA
  • Scott Thorman is now with AAA Omaha
Luke Hochevar will pitch great today I believe yes I'm feeling a great game from him.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The .191 AVG in the Room

Well I loved Mike Aviles last season he was just astounding as he seemingly came from nowhere to steal our hearts, but it's not 2008 anymore. And Mike is hitting just a mere .191 average and his OBP is .217 and SlG percentage .261. And then you must warrant a comparison with Willie Bloomquist and so we will.

Aviles .191
Bloomquist .320
Edge: Willie

Aviles .217
Bloomquist .398
Edge: Willie

Aviles .261
Bloomquist .427
Edge: Willie

And that's not the worst of it Bloomquist has scored 3 more runs, has 3 more hits, 8 more stolen bases in 6 fewer games and 40 less AB's.
And even if Bloomguist went O for his next 40 AB's he'd still be hitting .208, 17 points higher then Aviles right now.

And say your not a fan of Bloomquist at SS, why not give Luis Hernandez a shot ?
Hernandez is 1 for 6 and no doubt that he's a slick fielder at SS. He may not have the best bat if his AVG was to shadow Aviles' he'd have to do just have to get a mere 20 hits in his next 109 AB's.

It may seem like I'm coming down on Aviles but seriously we all called for Pena to be gone last year when he hit .189, we all cussed out LaRue in 07 when he hit .148. So I see absolutely no difference between the three guys.

So what must be done, we need to send Aviles down to AAA, and then maybe you activate Joakim Soria, or callup Tug Hulett but you've got to do something with Mike Aviles, before he becomes just another Angel Berroa. So for now let's see Willie Bloomquist at SS tonight.

A Side not on batting averages:
Buck's is .230
Olivo .218
And during his time in Kc B.Pena hit .286 and hasn't slowed in AAA.

Willie Bloomquist for Royals Shortstop
Everybody loves Bloomquist

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hanging some ZZZZ's

Royals up 2-0 after one inning. And with Greinke on the mound we're in good shape. So I've already hanged to Z's on my wall. Boy this is a fun time.
Greinke Day is sweeping the Nation !!!

EDIT: Baseball sucks right now, thank you Kc Royals bullpen.
Gosh at least back in the day they had cool Napoleon Dynamite graphics where he'd say "Sweet".
That movie rocks bros.

Friday, May 15, 2009

.198 (Random thoughts)

Mike Avile's batting average oh wait I'm getting a phone call it's Angel Berroa he wants to know why Mike is using the patented Berroa one'n done. So my question is how much longer can the Royals keep running him out there and should he be moved to AAA ?
Tug Hulett is currently batting .289.

6 game losing streak <>
The 6 game losing streak is bigger in my opinion because it followed the six game winning streak and has stolen the momentum. While the Royals should have been adding to there lead they're now in a three way tie.

Tonight's game is a sellout
Despite the Royals 6 game losing streak and the rain. And I think we all know almost all of it is due to one Zack Greinke. If Dayton does nothing from this point on he'll still be praised if nothing else for the ZG contract extension.

If the losing streak continues....
One would think the fire Hillman banter will begin again. My question would be why did it stop ???

Well it's not much but it's about to storm and the satellite Internet will probably go out soon so....
Go Royals !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh my (Last night's game)

Royals lose 12-3 as Hochevar was beaten up in his first game of 2009. Of course Steve Stewart kept comparing Luke's AAA starts to this one. It was one of those games were you really missed the Matthews/Lefebrve combination in the radio booth, because the talk would have been great.

Overall I thought Luke looked good not pitching wise but it looked like he'd lost a few pounds, of course without his beard maybe that was what downed him.

What I still can't fathom is why anyone would want to see Ponson start next time out. Hochevar has been solid all year from ST, to AAA. And we all know every now and then a guy's going to have a bad outing and this unfortunately was Lukes. But to clamor for Ponson ???
Hoch was the 1ST OVERALL pick. And it's at the point were you've got to run him out and see if he's a part of the future. Because Ponson/Ramirez well they are not for sure.
Even though we are still *tied* for 1st in the AL Central the Royals need to know what they've got in Hochevar.

But last night again it was the offense with a chance to take the lead before Oakland and set the tempo but they didn't take advantage and they haven't during this losing streak. I guess it's the California air who knows but the offense that has struggled all year isn't even struggling now it's just curled up and died.

I had a feeling Jack Cust would hit a Home Run I could just feel it as he always does against the Royals

I for one would rather have Travis Buck over John Buck, because if nothing else at least Travis has some cool hair.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm not worthy

Apparently I'm not worthy of having a comment left on my blog that says:

Posted by Greinke fan, May 12 2009

Zack Greinke has hit the big time now. He has his own shirt..Zack Attackkkk....

Man that really ticks a guy off just when you think you've hit the big time. So even though it's pretty cool this is one mad blogger who you won't see in one.

Anyway Hochevar to start tonight I couldn't be happier oh wait maybe I could.
Sidney has his best start of the year and then you move him to the bullpen, now that logic is a little flawed my friends.

2nd Favorite Team
Well my co-worker at Bonnie Plants asked me what my 2nd favorite team was and I still can's answer that I just don't have a 2nd favorite and I think we all know it's not the Pirates or Yankees.

Hope to have more soon but I've been out of town just remember the FS Royals postgame is not rated isn't that right Brian Fuentes ?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kentucky Derby results

The horse "Mine that Bird" won the Kentucky the Derby the most prestigious race in horse racing (because for real who bothers to watch the Preakness ? And we all know that the Belmont only matters if a horse wins the first two. No ? ) at the odds of 50:1.
Well the Royals are 1: 6500 to win the World Series which basically is like 50:1 if the Royals were a horse, but they are not. Still it'll be a great summer and I can't believe I'm spending my time looking at the standings (something I usually try to avoid) and Detroit's scores.
Well all we need is a little luck and maybe some Calvin Borel.

Well George Brett calls it the "Kougar" to so Sammy Mell isn't the only one but that name just really sucks dude. I'm sorry Brett you were a great player but not on this one and just because your George Brett it still ain't going to happen. And that could be a reason why the Royals have been in the cellar for so long. I mean it's great to honor and respect your former players but eventually you've got to move on. Do I go gaga over the name Brett ? No. Do I cheer for Sweeney when he's playing us ? Well of course not. No man should EVER out image the organization and that's what happened with Brett. I'm not downing him at all but he is not the team.
Bottom line it the K. K stands for KAUFFMAN. Splitt better get better soon because I can't stand anymore of Frank White. Aghhh
And it's not that I'm abandoning the name because I still love the RoR but ever since the change from 810 WHB to 610 something. I can't get any night games to come in clearly. Not through the local affiliates 1420 AM or even 95.1 FM. So yeah not to mention the pre and post games to a hit with the change. I like 610's Greg Schuam and Nick Wright but other then that........ notin.

Finally May 6th of 2009 I quit the very first Royals group/board/blog that I ever joined.
I started the yahoo kcroyalsbaseball group that I first joined February 6th 2006. My three year run there was all the same since day one is was a Kc Cardinals site. Yes you couldn't go a month without an argument somehow pertaining to the Red suckers. I owe the site alot as I said I'd still be just as die hard of a fan you just wouldn't have my opinion. The group lead me Jack D, which lead to Royals Nation, and then to everywhere else and eventually here. It's not a bad group it's just not very good overall there's some greats I'll miss some of them but Lord knows not everyone.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can't think of a good title

Throat Cancer Kills

Royals are now 16-11 and still 1.5 games up in the AL Central and are really getting some good breaks were in the past it would have went the other way. Now mind you also in this resurgence here lately there is one key element that must be pointed out.

Yes it seems as though Trey has taken my advice and began to stop being a pacifist now if only he would bat Callaspo higher and I can't believe I'm saying this... make sure you give Willie Bloomquist some PT.
And at the exact other end is Sidney Ponson I hope he gets a win today or gets blown to pieces the worst thing that could happen for the Royals tonight is for Sir Sidney to have a fair average start and be given another start, because Hochevar is simply Acing it up in AAA Omaha and WE ALL KNOW he should have started the year in AAA.

And with us in 1st place at what point do you start looking to make some trades to improve the club ? I've always thought that if we are in the situation we're in making a trade early and get the most of your acquired player. It still could be to early but if I'm Dayton I've got my eyes open for a deal.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Notes from the underbrush Twitter

I've been very busy
Well the biggest news I finally gave in, you can find me on Twitter here.
What was up with Tony Pena Jr breaking his hand at the plate ? And how could happen. It's just TPJ I guess.
Great rally today by the team, I don't want to get my hopes up but it could still be a great season. Just remember Jose Guillen's words...
"It's gonna be a special year. I'm feeling it." --Jose Guillen
I'll try and post something better soon. In the meantime who's planning a trip to Colorado ?
The game Saturday was something else what a fun top of the 11th.

Russell 17 GM's .293 AVG, 58 AB, 7 R, 17 H, 3 2B, 7 RBI, 1 SB, 15/5 K/BB.
Brian 18 GM's .290 AVG, 62 AB, 11 R, 18 H, 1 2B, 7 HR, 20 RBI, 14/5 K/BB
JAA, 23 GM's .212 AVG, 80 AB, 9 R, 17 H, 6 2B, 2 3B, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 18/13 K/BB
SteveH 23 GM's .216 AVG, 83 AB, 12 R, 18 H, 6 2B, 1 3B, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 12/11 K/BB

Ray 10 GS, 6-2, 66 IP, 2.04 ERA, 15 ER, 73 K, 19 BB, 2 CG, 1 SHO
Russell 1 GS, 1-0, 9 IP, 0.00 ERA, 0 ER, 10 K, 1 BB, 1 CG
JAA 2 GS, 2-0, 14 IP, 0.00 ERA, 0 ER, 19 K, 3 BB

You can still enter and maybe pull of an Aviles