Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whitlock: Royals should sign Bonds

Whitlock says: Royals should sign Bonds
RoRetc says: Well I agree

I mean if the guy would sign for minimum or better yet a milb deal and let's just think for a second what if he still has some left in the tank ? Wouldn't he be much better option in the OF then Bloomquist/Maier ? I think we all know the answer is yes. The Royals have Jacobs but they could use more pop. Leaving with what Greinke had to say about it:

“I’ve never experienced anything with him,” said Greinke, “I don’t know what he’s like. But as long as he’s not disruptive to the team, I probably wouldn’t have a problem.”

5 and O Baby 5 and O. Just think if Zack could pitch 162 we'd be #1 for sure !!!
Zack Greinke for 2009 AL CY YOUNG !!!!


  1. Please, no... Why is it that everyone clamors for guys like that? (And I'm talking about veterans like Jose Guillen) Once he plays and performs slightly below hyped expectations, the tide has come and everyone wants to drop them!

    Look, I know what you're saying with a MiLB contract, but does Kansas City really want that kind of attention here? Look, Bonds was a great player... was... I don't begrudge him for using steriods and getting an edge, but the guy has been out of baseball since end of 2007 season! He's got great stats from 2007 with .276/.480/.565, 28 HRs and even 5 SBs. But, and I say this carefully, he is 44 years old. He may be the greatest baseball player in history, but at that age, you cannot play everyday or even every other day. If we add Bonds to our lineup, you discount everything that the Royals have done to build up a legitimate playoff team and taint it with whatever hype that comes with him.

    I love Barry, but not in Kansas City.

  2. Whitlock is an idiot. He was in the pressbox the other day wearing gangsta crap. Long shorts and a t-shirt. Real professional.