Friday, April 24, 2009

Well here's the latest

  • Soria has a sore shoulder and well be out over the weekend plus. Way to go Hillman that's what happens when a guy is over err not used for 8 days at a freaking time.

  • Alberto Callaspo hits his first HR ending the majors longest home run drought at 441 AB's I recall when Jason Kendall ended his streak against the Royals

  • Greinke continues to dazzle the innings pitched without a run is over but the unearned streak continues. Boo-yah

  • You'd think Hillman could read some baseball books or something instead he's driving around at 180 MPH. Way to go Trey you rock !!! Not.

  • Royals win 6-1 as ZG gets another CG 10 K's 1 BB he's a monster.

1 comment:

  1. Greinke is a stud pitcher, and the Royals are extremely lucky to have him. I expect the dominance to continue, but not at the 0.00 ERA that he has posted to