Saturday, April 4, 2009

TJ and the The Play

Tony Pena Jr. to make major league roster.
So I decided to write something,

And now for you a mini-play:

(Dayton Moore says)
It's not my ideal lineup, my ideal lineup would have Jesus at SS but it fits well with my goal for the Royals. I won't go into detail but let's just say my dream team would look like this.

(Hands piece of paper to reporter.)
  • C John Buck
  • 1B Doug Meintkwicz, something or other
  • 2B Willie Bloomquist
  • SS Tony Pena Jr
  • 3B Vinny Castilla
  • LF Raul Mondesi
  • CF Coco Crisp
  • RF Jose Guillen
(Dayton) And on the back there is my rotation

(Reporter flips paper over)
  • Sidney Ponson
  • Horacio Ramirez
  • Mark Mulder
  • Bartolo Colon
  • David "Bommer" Wells
(Reporter to Dayton)
But Mr.Moore if you wanted this why

(Dayton cutting of reporter "yells")
God Bless, how hard my job is !!!
You wouldn't like it if every little blog whines your every move !!!
Plus wouldn't you know it not everyone of those ballplayers are saints no some of thoooose jerks wouldn't sign for 2 years $4-12 million freaking dollars !!!

(Dayton calms and continues)

So now I'm stuck with the Gil Meche's and Zack Greinke's just to appease the fans.

Damn your jobs tough.

(They both begin to cry)

(Dayton says)
Wouldn't you know it.,,,, it sure as well hail is.

(Hillman walks in wearing a shirt that says I "heart" Sir Sid)

Sweet Dawg !

Were can I get mine ?

(Hillman is joined by the 2009 Royals team they sing in unison)
Opening day at the K April te--n-th. Were the Yankees roll at the crowd goes doh, and Sidney steals a hotdog, Hotdog !!!

Do you think you'd have sold out Opening Day if not for Ponson ?

(Blows air in a piff sound)
Heck no.

And here's to a great err non embarrising year of Royals Baseball, enjoy the 40th season !!!

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