Friday, April 10, 2009

Royals Home Opener recap

3:40 PM 4 pitch walk to Tex gosh Ponson is !!!
3:48 PM Ponson can't field
3:49 PM Ponson is he injured ? Can we hope so ?
3:49 PM Who else thinks, wait 2-0 Yankees
3:50 PM Who else thinks Guillen's injury was a fake ?
3:52 PM 1st and 3rd still two outs
3:55 PM 3-2 to Nick Swisher runners goes F8
2-O Yankees after top of 1st thank you Sir Sidney
3:58 PM come on Coco
3:58 PM Cano robs Coco
3:59 PM yes Ryan Jose Guillen is a HUGE impact, NOT
4:00 PM 2 outs
1,2,3 and done
4:05 PM Great play by Gordon to save a hitBold
4:06 PM 2-0 to number 9 hitter
4:07 PM A strikeout !!! It's a "miner" miracle
4:08 PM 0-2 to 2-2
4:09 PM Called strike three and that will wrap hings up as I want to watch more closely
After one and a half 2-O Yanks
4:13 PM one out my favorite comic strips in the Kc Star are Bizarro and Brevity
4:14 PM Butler Butler Butler
4:15 Butler walks !!! Jacobs is the tying run !!!
4:15 I kinda hate that goatee of Jacobs
4:16 PM 0-2 I bet he K's
4:17 Thank you Swisher !!!
4:18 Olivo swings at strike three over his head gotta love him
After two 2-1 Yanks
4:20 Just like TJ RoRetc will never give up being a jerk haha.
4:21 Ponson for AL Cy Young
4:22 I hate money grubber like Tex and Sabathia
4:23 Take your base
4:23 2-0 Just read in my Star that cost 75 cents that Costa is headed to AAA
4:28 Yankees AB is over
Same score but Ponson is always in the hole 2-0 2-1 pretty soon it'll bite him in the bu double T
4:31 yawn
4:35 So how many people picked up a Kc Star this morning ?
4:36 I swear I'm not ripping off IDWT I had this planned before yesterday
4:37 Base hit by Cano to lead of the top o the 4th
4:38 RBI 2B for Swisher 3-1 Yanks
4:39 First time we see Mac at the mound this year
4:39 Because Ponson has been there done that eh Ryan ? He's also been arrested for DUI's !!!
4:41 Tejeda warms in pen should have started
4:42 Swisher was out !!!
4:43 2nd and 3rd one out after the sacrifice
4:45 Dang 4-1 Yanks but two outs now
4-1 Yanks Sidney Ponson opening a stadium near you
4:50 F7
4:50 Pettite < style="font-weight: bold;">
Uno, Dos, tres Royals done in 4th

4:54 Yankees lead of the 5th with a double
4:57 Called strike three
4:58 2-0 on Posada, Olivo vists mound
5:00 Tejeda < style="font-weight: bold;">
To the bottom of the 5th 4-1

I'm going to take a break now

Well Royals lost and the offense still can't hold it's own at all

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