Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Royals Bloggers aren't that dumb

Well as I looked at my stats log last night I realized something,
Royals Bloggers aren't that dumb the Royals are 7-6 and if you look at the six losses well it breaks down sorta like this:
Ramirez 0-1 8.59
Ponson 0-2 14.54
Farnsworth 0-3 7.04

There you go the 3 guys everyone was worried about at the start of the year.
Isn't that nice.
You know I can't recall the last time this early in the year a relief pitcher had three losses already.

Last Night's Game
6 straight innings grounding into a double play geez that was so frustrating and then Cruz gives up the 2 run HR in the eighth giving Hilly the perfect reason not to use him in the eighth anymore.
I mean Farnsworth did pitch a scoreless inning, right ?
And yes Ponson showed why he has not lasted in the bigs of late 3.1 IP 8 H 4 BB 80 Pitches, when your a pitcher like Sidney you can't fall behind hitters let alone give out free passes.

Waechter to DL
Bannister comes up, dang I wish it were Hochevar who cares about arbitration really let him earn. But no we'll trade losses for cash. Hey at least Bannister replaces Hochevar.
Of course if you want more read this. Don't know why he just always seems like the I'm better then you writer.


Happy Earth Day from RoRetc

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