Monday, April 27, 2009

Poll results for: Should the Royals fire Trey Hillman ?

Of Course
4 (36%)
No he will turn it around
3 (27%)
No not midseason
1 (9%)
Gibbon's could take over right ?
3 (27%)

Votes so far: 11

Well total that:
Yes can him 7
No he's fine 4

That means the majority thinks he's a incompetent as the Royals manager and I'll agree with that. He's a great guy but still there's great guys and then there's great managers.

Like me I tend to be a nice guy but I've always had the management philosophy that players should play dirty. I've always loved guys that break up double plays, railroad catchers, slide with spikes up, take the extra base. Throw inside be ready to defend the team.There are no friends on the other team during the game. Leave it all on the field type guy.
Guess I'll never manage a big league team I guess.

But seriously that's what the Royals lack and not just like a wacked out crazy Jose Guillen like, but the fundamental type.

In my opinion Hillman is to weak and a pacifistic in my mind but I don't think it's the right time of course after a couple more losses, it might not really matter.

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