Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day after Opening day but not for Kc

My takes on the game, sorry if it's a little scattered :

Obviously I'm ticked at Hillman, it's a no brainier you overpay for Farnsworth but then you go out and sign a Type A free agent in Juan Cruz, well you should put as Hillman said JuanE. Yeah we all wanted to see a tattooed millionaire pitch after he had runners on 1st and 3rd, one out. BUT, then he did get that strikeout and even then it wasn't pretty. I can think of three better options to face the lefty Thome: Mahay, CRUZ (who should have already been there), Soria (he can get 4 outs right ? )

So yeah all winter I forget why I don't like Trey and then in game one he reminds me.

The most disappointing thing besides Kyle Farnsworth is the fact we had 11 LOB inexcusable if you ask me goes what if you start to bring home the runs Kyle doesn't blow the game. I will make no excuses for Kyle as he's a veteran and we all know this was coming.

I've been right about Kyle now I can only hope I'm wrong about Horacio Ramirez, and Sidney Ponson but I'm doubting it.

I'm sure you all want to know if I listened on the radio or watched the game on the TV.
Well I bet you may have guessed it I didn't mean to but I ended up well here's how it went.
I wanted to hear Denny Matthews so for the first two innings it was radio then it was TV for 2 innings but I didn't last two innings once Joel Goldberg opened his mouth I couldn't stand it I'm friends with Steve Stewart but sometimes he's tough listening also.
Bob Davis with Denny is fine but Stewart/Davis ain't nearly as good, so alas RoRetc lives up to it's name.
Also did Splitt sound alright to you guys ? It seemed he was slurring a little.
I admit I did watch the Farnsworth inning because I felt it coming.

I kept score of the game and advise anyone who loves baseball to try score keeping it's great fun.

4 people submitted a player for todays game hopefully we'll have more coming.

Meche was solid even his bad innings were great. Buhrle was not making it so frustrating we couldn't take advantage.

Thanks for reading and here's hoping we have a better game tomorrow.

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  1. Jusitn Andrew AndersonApril 8, 2009 at 10:45 PM

    4 submissions? Looks like it's gonna be a tight knit battle this season! Thanks for runnin' the competition!