Thursday, April 2, 2009

Checkout RS's "ALC Preview" & a Ponson rant

Part one up now it's a must so go check it out now.

Also I'm still REALLY ticked about Ponson making the rotation, I had some people ask why I was so upset back when Sidney signed well it was because I saw this coming. Yes I predicted the Royals to have a good season but with Ponson ???
There are a ton of better choices:
  • Brandon Duckworth
  • Roman Colon
  • Matt Wright
  • Anthony Lerew
  • Tony Pena Jr
  • Robinson Tejeda
  • ANYONE !!!
Here's hoping we can still land a starter over waivers between now and April 10th.
Because Hochevar should have made the team no matter how you look at it or try to make sense of it, and when Sidney is officially on the 40-man roster I'll probably rant again.

Also did anyone notice that the Mariners returned Rule V pick Jose Lugo (Royals Rule V pick) back to the Twins, or that the Rangers claimed 1B Joe Koshansky from the Rockies ?
Wish we could have got Joe as he's a younger version of Ryan Shealy.

Finally here's to Luke Hudson we wish him the best after his comeback attempt has ended in retirement

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  1. Fellow Royals Fans: Thanks for standing alongside me in supporting of our beloved team! It hasn’t been easy having last made the playoffs in 1985 and watching every team but Expos/Nationals reach them since, failing to finish even 2nd in our division since 1995 and only enduring one winning season in 14 years. Our time will eventually come – I hope. Cheers to hoping we erase all this in 2009! – Justin Andrew Anderson (