Friday, April 10, 2009

After 4 games the K's add up

Ok the two guys I've got a problem with are,

Mike Jacobs and Miguel Olivo

Olivo has struck out 7 out of 15 AB's roughly 46 percent of Olivo's at bats end in the good ole strikeout. Yes he has a .181 Avg so if you crunch the numbers so far as we stated above are 46 percent of the time add the fact he gets a hit 18 percent and Olivo's outs break down to 36 percent he's out with the bat and in fact only 54 percent of the time has he put the ball in play.

Olivo has one option in my mind and that's to stop swing at everything ! I've seen him swing at balls over his head, in the dirt and it's only his third game. I expect the veteran Olivo to right the his ship but he's got to start by putting the ball in play.

Jacobs.... hmm he's had 10 AB's and 5 K's that's a K 50 percent of the time. And when you realize that you only put the ball in play 50 percent of the time it'll be a rough season.

Were those actual boos after Jacobs struckout ?

Anyway Jake same thing don't chase everything !!!

2. Spit whatever that crap in your mouth is you look like an idiot. geez with that mouth cramped full of who knows what it's a wonder youy can breath let alone hit.

3rd and the final point Mike, shave that thing off your face I hate it, I thought I'd love it but I hate it. Sure everyone wants there own "thing" (Manny's dreads, Jenks blond goatee, Giambi's 'stache last year, guys with long hair, etc.) but your triangle is just creepy dude.

Here's a suggestion try a goatee like former Pirates closer Mike Williams

Now how cool is that ?

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