Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whitlock: Royals should sign Bonds

Whitlock says: Royals should sign Bonds
RoRetc says: Well I agree

I mean if the guy would sign for minimum or better yet a milb deal and let's just think for a second what if he still has some left in the tank ? Wouldn't he be much better option in the OF then Bloomquist/Maier ? I think we all know the answer is yes. The Royals have Jacobs but they could use more pop. Leaving with what Greinke had to say about it:

“I’ve never experienced anything with him,” said Greinke, “I don’t know what he’s like. But as long as he’s not disruptive to the team, I probably wouldn’t have a problem.”

5 and O Baby 5 and O. Just think if Zack could pitch 162 we'd be #1 for sure !!!
Zack Greinke for 2009 AL CY YOUNG !!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Poll results for: Should the Royals fire Trey Hillman ?

Of Course
4 (36%)
No he will turn it around
3 (27%)
No not midseason
1 (9%)
Gibbon's could take over right ?
3 (27%)

Votes so far: 11

Well total that:
Yes can him 7
No he's fine 4

That means the majority thinks he's a incompetent as the Royals manager and I'll agree with that. He's a great guy but still there's great guys and then there's great managers.

Like me I tend to be a nice guy but I've always had the management philosophy that players should play dirty. I've always loved guys that break up double plays, railroad catchers, slide with spikes up, take the extra base. Throw inside be ready to defend the team.There are no friends on the other team during the game. Leave it all on the field type guy.
Guess I'll never manage a big league team I guess.

But seriously that's what the Royals lack and not just like a wacked out crazy Jose Guillen like, but the fundamental type.

In my opinion Hillman is to weak and a pacifistic in my mind but I don't think it's the right time of course after a couple more losses, it might not really matter.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Stupid Move

Yeah anyone with a brain options down Maier.
I'm ticked.

Jersey Giveaway

40th Anniversary Replica Jersey

Way don't you guys head on out to the K tonight (even tough it's supposedly almost sold out) and try and get your very own #40 Jersey. Yes 40th Anniverary Jersey complete with patch it looks like. You know that reminds me of another #40 Jersey.......

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So if you head out tonight and pick up a sweet free jersey don't be like me because I'd just have to pick up a nice King sized sharpie and write (FARNSWORTH) on the back of mine.

Here's to not seeing #40 on 40th Anniversary Jersey night.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Well here's the latest

  • Soria has a sore shoulder and well be out over the weekend plus. Way to go Hillman that's what happens when a guy is over err not used for 8 days at a freaking time.

  • Alberto Callaspo hits his first HR ending the majors longest home run drought at 441 AB's I recall when Jason Kendall ended his streak against the Royals

  • Greinke continues to dazzle the innings pitched without a run is over but the unearned streak continues. Boo-yah

  • You'd think Hillman could read some baseball books or something instead he's driving around at 180 MPH. Way to go Trey you rock !!! Not.

  • Royals win 6-1 as ZG gets another CG 10 K's 1 BB he's a monster.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Royals Bloggers aren't that dumb

Well as I looked at my stats log last night I realized something,
Royals Bloggers aren't that dumb the Royals are 7-6 and if you look at the six losses well it breaks down sorta like this:
Ramirez 0-1 8.59
Ponson 0-2 14.54
Farnsworth 0-3 7.04

There you go the 3 guys everyone was worried about at the start of the year.
Isn't that nice.
You know I can't recall the last time this early in the year a relief pitcher had three losses already.

Last Night's Game
6 straight innings grounding into a double play geez that was so frustrating and then Cruz gives up the 2 run HR in the eighth giving Hilly the perfect reason not to use him in the eighth anymore.
I mean Farnsworth did pitch a scoreless inning, right ?
And yes Ponson showed why he has not lasted in the bigs of late 3.1 IP 8 H 4 BB 80 Pitches, when your a pitcher like Sidney you can't fall behind hitters let alone give out free passes.

Waechter to DL
Bannister comes up, dang I wish it were Hochevar who cares about arbitration really let him earn. But no we'll trade losses for cash. Hey at least Bannister replaces Hochevar.
Of course if you want more read this. Don't know why he just always seems like the I'm better then you writer.


Happy Earth Day from RoRetc

Sunday, April 19, 2009

With God and my Dad as witnesses

With God and my Dad as witnesses as I drove down the highway to drop off a job application I heard over the radio: Farnsworth comes in.
I say games over.

What in the name of Jacob's goatee !!!
And the game is over. The great comeback from Davies the Jake HR all for not all so mister 0-3 can blow the game. Ladies and gentleman whom both must be physically forced to be lady and gentle man like the guy with the 11 plus ERA blows the game!!

Sure I have issues with Hillman not bringing in Soria with runners on 1st and third one out in the eighth but Farnsworth in the bottom of the 9th !!!

IF FARNSWORTH COMES IN AGAIN I'll consider finding another team. (Vain threat ignore)

MR. 0-3 EVERYBODY !!!!!
And $9 million in the bank !!!

After a long struggle Kyle realizes he's got balls just no brain or arm.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Poll results for Will the Offense rebound in time.

8 (72%)
2 (18%)
Are you kidding me those losers ?
1 (9%)
What the offense is perfect !!!
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 11

The day the poll ends the Royals score 12 Runs good call people !!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

TinT 4/16

This In That April 16 2009

An Interview done by Big League Stew with Joakim Soria worth reading IMO

An Easter project of our favorite Royals starting Pitcher who has pitched fairly well and really surprised me especially this last time out.

Couldn't have a picture of Ponson and not Farnsworth could we ? So yeah that ^ 's Farny

Alex Gordon is headed to surgery on his Hip my grandma had hip surgery in January. Royals called up Mitch Maier from Omaha. Teahen will play 3B .

You know with every new season there are a lot of new Royals blogs if you are one shoot an email and I'll link you. Of course many don't survive that first year unfortunately for you mine did.

Finally way to go on your grand slam Buck usually after a Royals player gets his third HR it's already late June.

Also on Home Run's Jacobs has some serious power, but his defense is so bad he should only DH And he still looks like crap with that wad of junk in his mouth I know Greg Schaum said we'd dig him but I ain't going to come around until he learns when it comes to a full mouth less is more.

And because I'm still on the computer I went by Sonic today and picked up a Sonic Slam inning drawing thing. It'll be in the mail tomorrow wish me luck.

And still I'm working on a header I have an idea and it's hand drawn on a paper. But the move from paper to computer isn't an easy one.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Preview of Royals/Indians with Nino of TheTribeDaily

Here is a preview of the upcoming Royals/Indians series from Nino of the Indians blog The Tribe Daily.
TDT is a must if you want to know what's happening with the Indians.

Hope you enjoy (well Nino did all the work so you will enjoy it):

First I gotta ask about a guy I think all Royals fans like and that would of course be Tony Graffanino, what are the odds that we'll see Graff during the series ?

Seeing as Tony hasn't played in a game yet this season, the odds are certainly good, especially with the day game after the night game. Mark DeRosa, Jhonny Peralta, and Asdrubal Cabrera have played in every game, so Wedge could start getting some of them a break. Barfield would play if Cabrera sits, or even if Peralta sits so Cabrera can slide over to second, but Graffanino would be the guy if Mark DeRosa was to get a break or slide into the outfield, which probably won't happen because Trevor Crowe has played in both games that Choo and Francisco sat out in.

If I had to guess, Wedge might give him a start on Wednesday and go with the full-lineup on Thursday against the Yankees in their home opener against CC Sabathia. Since all the Royals probables are right-handed, and all the Indians infielders are right-handed or switch-hitters, none of that will matter. Tony was awesome in spring though and we are lucky to have him with the injury to Carroll. If Eric Wedge didn't want speed, he might have given him the roster spot out of spring training over Josh Barfield, but Barfield in Columbus would be useless.

How is the Indians rotation I noticed that Pavano didn't fair well his first game, do the Royals stand a chance against Carmona, Pavano ?

The rotation has been laboring through the first week. Carl Pavano was the worst of them all, so the Royals certainly have a shot at him. Most people are hoping Pavano's struggles were a combination of Texas' lineup, the conditions, and just a bad start. We'll find out soon enough. Cliff Lee struggled in his two games so far, but while he didn't give up as many runs in game two, he looked a little less in control.

Besides Anthony Reyes, Carmona probably looked the best out of all the pitchers that were bad. He threw the ball well, got a little wild late in his outing, but the Texas lineup pretty much put good swings on good pitches. I'd expect him to have a better time out against the Royals, just because the lineup isn't as dangerous and maybe he'll be able to calm down. The starter for Wednesday is a complete unknown, so the Royals have a chance right off the bat. It will either be Zach Jackson, who relieved Pavano in his game last week, Aaron Laffey, who made a shortened start on Saturday in Columbus, Jeremy Sowers, who hasn't pitched for Columbus yet, or even David Huff. Scott Lewis' injury has caused a bit of a unusual spot.

Who would you like to see start Wensday Huff, Laffey, Sowers, or Saarloos ?

The spot I'd go with though if I was picking would to actually give Zach Jackson a shot, provided he isn't needed in the first two games. With Sowers or Laffey on stand-by in case Jackson is needed on Monday or Tuesday, I'd go with Jackson to be the starter. He gave the Indians a shot last time out to at least get back in the game and it would be a lot easier to do that than call someone up, send someone down, have to add David Huff to the 40-man, maybe lose Vinnie Chulk. If Jackson bombs, then you can call him down, let him be on stand-by in the majors and call up Aaron Laffey to finish out the string until Lewis is back.

If the Indians have a lead come the 7th will the bullpen put it away ?

I think they will. They showed signs in Sunday's game against the Blue Jays with a one run lead. Rafael Perez managed to put them in a bad spot, but Jensen Lewis came in and held the Jays at bay with a runners in scoring position and less than two outs. He pitched a scoreless 8th inning, and Kerry Wood struck out the side in the ninth, despite it not being a save opportunity, it felt like one. I think the collective pitching staff got off to the wrong start, and the starters not going as deep as you would expect them to kind of had an effect on the pen. If the pitchers can at least give the Tribe a start like Anthony Reyes did, I'm not worried about the bullpen.

How good in your opinion is the Indians lineup ?

This lineup is scary good. They've been belting home runs out of the park even after the series at Texas. Travis Hafner has homered in his last three games and has really looked like he's healthy. He isn't back by any means and I don't even think his swing or eye is fully in-tune, but he certainly can locate the ball and put a good swing on it. Victor Martinez has been the Victor of old, Jhonny Peralta and Mark DeRosa seem to be coming around, DeRosa more because he was in a bad funk, Jhonny is seeing the ball well but hasn't had the RBI opportunities. And most importantly the Kelly Shoppach/Ryan Garko platoon is working out rather well. Garko is an on-base machine and Shoppach has done a good job of producing when he's played in his half of the games. More production like this and better pitching will only help. The one flaw is the hitting with runners in scoring position, which has been very poor these first few games. The Indians have gotten away with the big home runs, but they need to do a better job of capitalizing when given the chance.

Who are some of the new faces with the Indians ?

Everyone is talking about Mark DeRosa, who finally busted out of his mini-slow start with a thee run double on Saturday and a 2-run home run on Sunday. Kerry Wood has pitched twice, but not in save chances, and Joe Smith has done well in the limited opportunities he's gotten.

But Trevor Crowe was a surprise to make the roster because of the injury to David Dellucci and he came up big in Sunday's game. After striking out with the bases loaded in one at-bat, he came back later in the game with the same situation and stroked a two-run double to right field. Eric Wedge wants him to play a little more since he was going to be an everyday player in Columbus, so he could potentially play two games every week. He probably won't sit for Choo with the right-handed starters going for Kansas City, but he could find his way in there for Francisco again now that he's got his first major league hit.

Thanks again Nino, you were great to work with
For anything Cleveland Indians checkout his blog The Tribe Daily

Don't forget the first game is tonight at 7pm CST.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Royals rally for win

Royals had a great eighth to rally for the win hard to think the Royals have scored the most points of the year with a lineup of:
  • CF Crisp
  • SS Aviles
  • LF DeJesus
  • 3B Teahen
  • 1B Jacobs
  • DH B.Pena
  • 2B Callaspo
  • C Buck
  • RF Bloomquist
I for one hope this keeps Brayan Pena on the team but anyway a great effort from the guys just glad it was Cruz not Farny in the eighth. I was hoping when Choke I mean Coke came in we had a chance. YES !!! Royals win !!!

Also on Mike Jacobs, well I'm not becoming anymore fond of him.

Happy Easter

Or Resurrection Day, the day that Jesus rose from the grave and concurred death.

Here's hoping that the Royals bats are able to resurrect themselves from whatever grave they've been buried in and save at least one of the three game series from the Yankees.

Please this offense is so pathetic I feel I could cruise past them on the hill and I'm mostly a 1B/fan (although I do have a wicked curve when it's going). It really makes me sick just think what Jon Lester could do right now he'd be Mr. Perfect !!!

Anyway the Royals offense sucks right now and here's hoping you can have a great day with your family and that the Royals pull of an Easter miracle to score at least a couple runs. Pleaseeee ?

Friday, April 10, 2009

After 4 games the K's add up

Ok the two guys I've got a problem with are,

Mike Jacobs and Miguel Olivo

Olivo has struck out 7 out of 15 AB's roughly 46 percent of Olivo's at bats end in the good ole strikeout. Yes he has a .181 Avg so if you crunch the numbers so far as we stated above are 46 percent of the time add the fact he gets a hit 18 percent and Olivo's outs break down to 36 percent he's out with the bat and in fact only 54 percent of the time has he put the ball in play.

Olivo has one option in my mind and that's to stop swing at everything ! I've seen him swing at balls over his head, in the dirt and it's only his third game. I expect the veteran Olivo to right the his ship but he's got to start by putting the ball in play.

Jacobs.... hmm he's had 10 AB's and 5 K's that's a K 50 percent of the time. And when you realize that you only put the ball in play 50 percent of the time it'll be a rough season.

Were those actual boos after Jacobs struckout ?

Anyway Jake same thing don't chase everything !!!

2. Spit whatever that crap in your mouth is you look like an idiot. geez with that mouth cramped full of who knows what it's a wonder youy can breath let alone hit.

3rd and the final point Mike, shave that thing off your face I hate it, I thought I'd love it but I hate it. Sure everyone wants there own "thing" (Manny's dreads, Jenks blond goatee, Giambi's 'stache last year, guys with long hair, etc.) but your triangle is just creepy dude.

Here's a suggestion try a goatee like former Pirates closer Mike Williams

Now how cool is that ?

Royals Home Opener recap

3:40 PM 4 pitch walk to Tex gosh Ponson is !!!
3:48 PM Ponson can't field
3:49 PM Ponson is he injured ? Can we hope so ?
3:49 PM Who else thinks, wait 2-0 Yankees
3:50 PM Who else thinks Guillen's injury was a fake ?
3:52 PM 1st and 3rd still two outs
3:55 PM 3-2 to Nick Swisher runners goes F8
2-O Yankees after top of 1st thank you Sir Sidney
3:58 PM come on Coco
3:58 PM Cano robs Coco
3:59 PM yes Ryan Jose Guillen is a HUGE impact, NOT
4:00 PM 2 outs
1,2,3 and done
4:05 PM Great play by Gordon to save a hitBold
4:06 PM 2-0 to number 9 hitter
4:07 PM A strikeout !!! It's a "miner" miracle
4:08 PM 0-2 to 2-2
4:09 PM Called strike three and that will wrap hings up as I want to watch more closely
After one and a half 2-O Yanks
4:13 PM one out my favorite comic strips in the Kc Star are Bizarro and Brevity
4:14 PM Butler Butler Butler
4:15 Butler walks !!! Jacobs is the tying run !!!
4:15 I kinda hate that goatee of Jacobs
4:16 PM 0-2 I bet he K's
4:17 Thank you Swisher !!!
4:18 Olivo swings at strike three over his head gotta love him
After two 2-1 Yanks
4:20 Just like TJ RoRetc will never give up being a jerk haha.
4:21 Ponson for AL Cy Young
4:22 I hate money grubber like Tex and Sabathia
4:23 Take your base
4:23 2-0 Just read in my Star that cost 75 cents that Costa is headed to AAA
4:28 Yankees AB is over
Same score but Ponson is always in the hole 2-0 2-1 pretty soon it'll bite him in the bu double T
4:31 yawn
4:35 So how many people picked up a Kc Star this morning ?
4:36 I swear I'm not ripping off IDWT I had this planned before yesterday
4:37 Base hit by Cano to lead of the top o the 4th
4:38 RBI 2B for Swisher 3-1 Yanks
4:39 First time we see Mac at the mound this year
4:39 Because Ponson has been there done that eh Ryan ? He's also been arrested for DUI's !!!
4:41 Tejeda warms in pen should have started
4:42 Swisher was out !!!
4:43 2nd and 3rd one out after the sacrifice
4:45 Dang 4-1 Yanks but two outs now
4-1 Yanks Sidney Ponson opening a stadium near you
4:50 F7
4:50 Pettite < style="font-weight: bold;">
Uno, Dos, tres Royals done in 4th

4:54 Yankees lead of the 5th with a double
4:57 Called strike three
4:58 2-0 on Posada, Olivo vists mound
5:00 Tejeda < style="font-weight: bold;">
To the bottom of the 5th 4-1

I'm going to take a break now

Well Royals lost and the offense still can't hold it's own at all

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Royals Win Game 3

Next up is the Yankees where Sir Sidney will take on his former team who pounded out 11 runs against the Orioles today.

One would have to think the Royals offense which has been very lackluster in the first three games will need to show up to give Kc a chance especially with Mr.Ponson on the mound. It's not that miracles don't happen but a guess they do because Ponson did make the club after a horrid spring huh ?

I've blasted Sidney since the moment he signed because I could see this was coming, yes sir that's whats great about baseball you just seem to be able to predict the future. I mean who didn't see Thome's bomb coming ? Yes in baseball things are easier to feel what will happen then any other sport around, even in this "sport".
So far I'm 1 for 1 with predictions (Farnsworth) but I'd love to be wrong about Ponson and Ramirez but wait what's this, history repeats itself ?

Getting back to the offense, I was thinking after game one maybe Sietzer's approach with the Royals offense is working. But here's some stats over the first three games: 6 Runs, 28 LOB, 30 strikeouts, 8 walks. Just like the Royals of old. And could someone please tell Trey Hillman NOT TO HIT Guillen 4th ???

Right now we are in first place and I should be happy but you can't win games if you don't score the runs. Look at today's LOB:
1 in the 2nd,
2 in the 3rd,
1 in the 4th,
2 in the 5th,
1 in the 6th,
2 in the 7th,
1 in the 8th,
Finally we score in the ninth. Now if Coco does not hit that HR in the 9th instead of the Royals being in first (for whatever that's worth) we're all complaining about lost opportunity's.

Stadium Counter
Throughout the year I'll be keeping a count of attendance between the Royals and Pirates. Yes I bet Cory H. of that notorious Pirates blog that Kauffman would outdraw PNC but he wouldn't take it I mean I just meant a little $5 bet or something but nope. Oh well.

R.I.P. Nick Adenhart
Our wishes go out to the Adenhart family and the entire Angels organization and fans for your tragic loss. Your all in our prayers.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day after Opening day but not for Kc

My takes on the game, sorry if it's a little scattered :

Obviously I'm ticked at Hillman, it's a no brainier you overpay for Farnsworth but then you go out and sign a Type A free agent in Juan Cruz, well you should put as Hillman said JuanE. Yeah we all wanted to see a tattooed millionaire pitch after he had runners on 1st and 3rd, one out. BUT, then he did get that strikeout and even then it wasn't pretty. I can think of three better options to face the lefty Thome: Mahay, CRUZ (who should have already been there), Soria (he can get 4 outs right ? )

So yeah all winter I forget why I don't like Trey and then in game one he reminds me.

The most disappointing thing besides Kyle Farnsworth is the fact we had 11 LOB inexcusable if you ask me goes what if you start to bring home the runs Kyle doesn't blow the game. I will make no excuses for Kyle as he's a veteran and we all know this was coming.

I've been right about Kyle now I can only hope I'm wrong about Horacio Ramirez, and Sidney Ponson but I'm doubting it.

I'm sure you all want to know if I listened on the radio or watched the game on the TV.
Well I bet you may have guessed it I didn't mean to but I ended up well here's how it went.
I wanted to hear Denny Matthews so for the first two innings it was radio then it was TV for 2 innings but I didn't last two innings once Joel Goldberg opened his mouth I couldn't stand it I'm friends with Steve Stewart but sometimes he's tough listening also.
Bob Davis with Denny is fine but Stewart/Davis ain't nearly as good, so alas RoRetc lives up to it's name.
Also did Splitt sound alright to you guys ? It seemed he was slurring a little.
I admit I did watch the Farnsworth inning because I felt it coming.

I kept score of the game and advise anyone who loves baseball to try score keeping it's great fun.

4 people submitted a player for todays game hopefully we'll have more coming.

Meche was solid even his bad innings were great. Buhrle was not making it so frustrating we couldn't take advantage.

Thanks for reading and here's hoping we have a better game tomorrow.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Opening Day cancelled

Because Ponson and Ramirez aren't enough torture. Either way it really sucks that we have to wait at least another day if not more for Royals baseball. But hey on the bright side now there is no off day in between games.

Go Royals undefeated for another day

Saturday, April 4, 2009

TJ and the The Play

Tony Pena Jr. to make major league roster.
So I decided to write something,

And now for you a mini-play:

(Dayton Moore says)
It's not my ideal lineup, my ideal lineup would have Jesus at SS but it fits well with my goal for the Royals. I won't go into detail but let's just say my dream team would look like this.

(Hands piece of paper to reporter.)
  • C John Buck
  • 1B Doug Meintkwicz, something or other
  • 2B Willie Bloomquist
  • SS Tony Pena Jr
  • 3B Vinny Castilla
  • LF Raul Mondesi
  • CF Coco Crisp
  • RF Jose Guillen
(Dayton) And on the back there is my rotation

(Reporter flips paper over)
  • Sidney Ponson
  • Horacio Ramirez
  • Mark Mulder
  • Bartolo Colon
  • David "Bommer" Wells
(Reporter to Dayton)
But Mr.Moore if you wanted this why

(Dayton cutting of reporter "yells")
God Bless, how hard my job is !!!
You wouldn't like it if every little blog whines your every move !!!
Plus wouldn't you know it not everyone of those ballplayers are saints no some of thoooose jerks wouldn't sign for 2 years $4-12 million freaking dollars !!!

(Dayton calms and continues)

So now I'm stuck with the Gil Meche's and Zack Greinke's just to appease the fans.

Damn your jobs tough.

(They both begin to cry)

(Dayton says)
Wouldn't you know it.,,,, it sure as well hail is.

(Hillman walks in wearing a shirt that says I "heart" Sir Sid)

Sweet Dawg !

Were can I get mine ?

(Hillman is joined by the 2009 Royals team they sing in unison)
Opening day at the K April te--n-th. Were the Yankees roll at the crowd goes doh, and Sidney steals a hotdog, Hotdog !!!

Do you think you'd have sold out Opening Day if not for Ponson ?

(Blows air in a piff sound)
Heck no.

And here's to a great err non embarrising year of Royals Baseball, enjoy the 40th season !!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Checkout RS's "ALC Preview" & a Ponson rant

Part one up now it's a must so go check it out now.

Also I'm still REALLY ticked about Ponson making the rotation, I had some people ask why I was so upset back when Sidney signed well it was because I saw this coming. Yes I predicted the Royals to have a good season but with Ponson ???
There are a ton of better choices:
  • Brandon Duckworth
  • Roman Colon
  • Matt Wright
  • Anthony Lerew
  • Tony Pena Jr
  • Robinson Tejeda
  • ANYONE !!!
Here's hoping we can still land a starter over waivers between now and April 10th.
Because Hochevar should have made the team no matter how you look at it or try to make sense of it, and when Sidney is officially on the 40-man roster I'll probably rant again.

Also did anyone notice that the Mariners returned Rule V pick Jose Lugo (Royals Rule V pick) back to the Twins, or that the Rangers claimed 1B Joe Koshansky from the Rockies ?
Wish we could have got Joe as he's a younger version of Ryan Shealy.

Finally here's to Luke Hudson we wish him the best after his comeback attempt has ended in retirement

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools "forget me not"

Some Roster moves and as far as I know it's not an April Fools joke, yes the Royals traded Gload (and cash around $1.5 of Gload's $1.9M salary ) to the Marlins for a PTBNL.
Yes the Royals released Joel Peralta the reliver who at one point was better then Jamey Wright and Roman Colon.

BUT the real news is the confirmed rotation.
A Rotation of:
  • Meche
  • Greinke
  • Davies
  • Ponson
  • Ramirez
If only people took April Fools day seriously......
You still want to be fooled ?
Royals will win the AL Central, there now get ready because it'll be a fight for last place.

Wish I had more to say but what is there to say really ?