Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why would you go to the K to watch baseball ?

Daddy can we go to the K and ride the rides ?

Why would you go to the K to watch baseball ?
I mean with a carousel (for a $1), MLB2K9 Game lounge ( I hate the 2K series bring back EA's MVP, and what happens in 2010 ?) Little K ($1), and mini golf ($1) and more !!!

I mean I didn't know Worlds of Fun had opened a new location.
It's one thing to have some stuff for the kiddos but it's still a baseball game (we think). And therfore I'll never experience the lure of the outfield again it was one thing to share the OF with drunk college kids but now it'll be like an amusement park out there.

Anyway if you see some guy out there someday not partaking in the "Outfield Experience" extravaganza but just watching the game and keeping score. It might be me because I can hold it for all 9+ innings and it's a good thing because we here there might be tokens available for $1 throughout the ballpark in case you gotta go.
Also the new roller coaster should open in early 2010 !!!
(just kidding)

EDIT: Were was this Outfield experience form 04 to 06 when we actually needed it !!!!

Quick hits:
  • Who remembers when the Royals returned C Ronny Paulino to the Pirates ? He's a Fish now.
  • "I thought he was outstanding," Hillman said. "I thought he had a great day." We heart HoRam stickers available now !!
  • Why does Kc not go ahead and just DL Bale ? We all know it's going to happen no way he'll be ready by April 6
  • I'm sick of Jose Guillen for no reason right now.

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