Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on Houston Astro-yals

We are all wondering about the Houston (Ast[ro)yals] aren't we ?

So I talked (emailed) my Astros contact Dying Quail of the Astro's blog Crawfish Boxes and asked him how some of our favorite former Royals were doing.
I asked about Lumsden, Smith, and Fulchino.
I would ask about Neal Musser but no one really cares right ???

On Tyler Lumsden:
Lumsden looks like he'll end up at AAA, but there are still two weeks left for an injury or two to occur and land him a job in the bullpen maybe?

EDIT: Lumsden was officially assigned to the minor league camp, which really dampens his shot at the making the 25-man roster.

On whether Jason Smith and or my favorite Jeff Fulchino would make the team:
It's hard for me to say exactly. My best guess is neither. Smith has hit well, but not played good enough defense for me to think he'll get a spot on the roster, especially with Maysonet coming on as of late. Fulchino doesn't seem to really have a chance.
So there you have it, as we see how or former beloved are fairing because even an ex still has a piece of your heart.......

Thanks again to DyingQuail

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