Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sisco Sisco Man and more

Do the Royal NEED a Lefty in the rotation ?
3 (18%)
13 (81%)

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Guess not and it's a good thing because we'd never be able to find one since the A's signed former Royal great Andy Sisco.
Yep the Royals sure missed out on a great milb signing just glad we didn't spend $1.8million on a guy who will make the rotation and posted a has a career 5.11 ERA in the second half of a season.
Oh wait we did...
Now don't get me wrong if Horacio makes the team I'll cheer for him I'll wish he makes the All-Star game but for right now I'll root against him, not against Kc but Horacio it's just part if the fun of Spring Training rooting for guys like DiNardo and against Ramirez.
But when the season starts let's go Horacio !!!

According to MLBTR because I'd never know this otherwise but it appears that the Cardinals Skip Schumaker 2B experiment is not going so well. St.Louis GM John Mozeliak may explore a trade to fill the position but will not sign a FA 2B, such as Grudzielanek.
Dang it
Maybe if Callaspo screws up we could trade him or you know Teahen can play 2B.........

The Nationals are REALLY desperate first it was Odalis Perez who wasn't that bad but now I can't say the same for this signing.
Yep the Nats signed the only guy who could make Scott Elarton look like a number 3 starter,
Kip Wells who last year with the Royals posted a 8.71 ERA and make folks long for Hideo Nomo.

Braves released pitcher Anthony Lerew. The Braves had out-righted Lerew to make room on the 40-man roster for Glavine. He’d cleared waivers and accepted a AAA assignment.
One would have to think Dayton might be interested based on his Brave old background.
And if your going to give Bruce Chen a milb contract.....

I don't know about you but after the WBC I think the Royals should go out and sign Pedro Martinez, originally Jack at the TRT had said something about it and I balked saying Pedro had lost it but I say my mind was changed last night. I mean a Rotation of:
  • Meche
  • Greinke
  • Martinez
  • Davies
  • Hochevar/Bannister
wouldn't win some games ?
Trade/cut Gload or Teahen there's your spot on the 40 man roster and then at the worst Bannister and Hochevar start the year in AAA (We love HoRam because of the coolness of the word HoRam like an old scout would say to another: One look at him and I knew he was a HoRammer)

Look for the RoRetc season long batting contest were you can win a great prize. FREE.
Coming soon

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  1. I have to think Martinez still wants serious cash, even though it's mid-March and few, if any teams, appear interested. Give him a base salary of $1.5-2MM, which is affordable, I think, given that I think Moore has convinced Glass that the division is wide open enough to commit slightly over budget. Hand Martinez several more million in incentives that he probably won't reach, given his recent injury history. As a bonus, hand him some free contract incentives or some sweeteners, like a personal locker suite on road games (a la Jose Guillen). Then, construct a cardboard cutout of Babe Ruth that he can throw to for warmup pitches, and then construct a Don Zimmer dummy for taking out any post-game frustrations. That should get it done. (Seriously, I would like to sign him, though).