Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Royals sign Pondson ?

Royals ink Sir Sidney to a milb deal:
He's going to get an opportunity," Royals general manager Dayton Moore said. "Our depth is not what we wish it was."

Per Dicky Kagel:

Presumably, Ponson could make a bid for the Royals' starting rotation, pitch in relief or go to the Triple-A club at Omaha. Moore said Ponson indicated he'd be willing to play at the Triple-A level.

It was just one year and 10 days ago I first pondered the Royals might sign Sir* Sidney.
(*After the 2003 season, he was made a knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands)

Yes this is the same Sidney who Denny Matthews has said more then once:

When will teams realize this guy doesn't know how to pitch.

The Same Sidney who's had many DUI's , sucked down the O's money, kicked out of Texas, punched a judge.....

Yep we all remember Dayton saying he wanted a "model" team no bad boys,
Well after Brown, Colon, Perez, etc, and now Ponson it's getting harder to believe.

Bottom line Sidney failed in his attempt to regain form in St.Louis, failed with the Yankees, failed with the Twins, failed with the Rangers, and failed with the Yankees again.

Why do I have the feeling Sidney will get a chance in Kc ???

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