Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interview with Clint of Royal Report Card

Below is an interview with Clint of the new Royals blog Royal Report Card
Be sure to check out his blog it's really good.
Hope you enjoy.


First off tell us about your blog Royal Report Card and Why should people go to your blog ?

My blog, RRC, is something that I contemplated doing for a long time. I finally decided to take the plunge once I figured out the format that I wanted. It is a blog that is updated at least once daily, with its main focus being to go over game scores, news, etc. I also take the opportunity every few days or so to write an "article" on an important topic. A few examples of "articles" I have done so far include a comparison of Johnny Giavotella and reigning AL MVP Dustin Pedroia, and an explanation on why I think Chris Lubanski is still a promising prospect. People should visit my blog because it is a one stop source for news and opinions. I try to keep most of my writing light and humorous, and I do my best to utilize my love for stats without going overboard so that the average fan won't have any trouble understanding my arguments.

Most you've paid for a Royals hat

30 bux for a new era Wichita wranglers fitted cap.

Favorite moment as a Royals fan ?

Favorite moment as a Royals fan - When I was at a Royals game and I called Mark Teahen hitting two home runs.. and he did!

Thoughts on the WBC (World Baseball Classic) ?

WBC - I love it. I wish it got more play in the media and throughout baseball. We need the WBC in order to help create more interest in baseball around the world.

So you love the WBC, what are your thoughts about MLB starting the season last year in Japan ?

I am not a big fan of playing in-season games overseas, however I think that it would be a good idea to play a pre-season 2 game series overseas. I'm all for increasing the popularity of baseball around the world, but I don't want that to come at the cost of real MLB in-season games.

Mike Sweeney plays in the majors again ?

I don't think so, though the Mariners are an awful team. He has 3 plate appearances this spring (0-2 with a BB), so it doesn't seem like the M's are really trying to get a good look. Who knows though, I think he has the talent to play on probably 5-10 teams, but I just don't think he'll get the opportunity. He would probably be a first bat off the bench type of player for those teams, but they would probably prefer someone who is younger.

Hot dogs at the K mustard, ketchup, relish ?

Relish, unless you're talking about what I like to eat on them, then all three. But in the hot dog race, definitely relish.

Royals will fare how well this season ?

I believe the Royals will have a 80 and 82 record and finish 3rd in the division

When you played baseball (if you did) what position did you play ?

I used to be a middle infielder, primarily playing at 2B.

What blogs/boards do you visit the most ?

I visit It might be dangerous you go first (Paul DePodesta's blog), Rany on the Royals, Royalcentricity, Royals on radio etc., Royallyspeaking, MLB trade rumors, Jayson Stark and Buster Olney's ESPN blogs, Sam Mellinger's Blog, The RC board. All daily, pretty much.

Most annoying MLB broadcasters?

Joel "most awkward man ever" Goldberg. Enough said.

Most annoying MLB team ?

New York Yankees. Enough said.

Most annoying MLB fans

New York Yankees fans. Enough said. I also don't care much for cubs fans, but at least the cubs have been awful for a long time, so it doesn't really matter.

Thoughts on commissioner Bud Selig?

I think Bud isn't really looked at in a fair light. He has really been villainized by many for "causing" the steroids era, or at least not being a whistleblower. While I don't think it's his fault completely, I do think he had a role in the whole mess (obviously). That being said, I feel like he was doing his best to watch out for the sport, especially in the short term. He is a money minded commissioner in a money minded era. Overall I approve of him and grade him out as a B+ just because of how much dough the MLB brings in.

Any final thoughts ?

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for this interview. Hopefully the Royals go out and have a monster season. Oh, and the next time the Royals need a GM, I hope they go out and get Paul DePodesta!

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