Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What to watch for Spring Training

Let this be a quick get ready for ST test/checklist/things to watch for and a quote.

Be sure to keep it tuned in to RoRetc your 2009 Spring Training HQ

  1. Will Jose Duarte show he's still a prospect or is he done?
  2. Who the heck is Victor Marte ?
  3. How could you say Brayan Pena is a prospect at 27 ?
  4. The Royals roster is set. Over budget but Dunn/Manny still out there. Obama how's that stimulas coming ???
  5. Who throws more ST innings: Roman Colon, Luke Hudson, or Tony Pena Jr. ?
  6. Most NRI most likely to make the team: Villarreal, DiNardo, or Duckworth ?
  7. True/False Corey Smith will be this year's Craig Brazell ?
  8. Without looking who's older Matt Tupman or J.R. House ?
  9. True/False this is Lubanski's last shot with the Royals ?
  10. The Royals will break camp with 4 first basemen ?
  11. Hochevar/Bannister/Ramirez/Davies which two make it which two don't ?
  12. Soria will make at least one start in the WBC ?
  13. You'll apply for a job with the Royals ?
  14. True/False Franquelis Osoria will change his name to Fran O-Soria if he makes the team ?
  15. True/False Manny Ramirez and Adam Dunn will sign before ST ends ?

There you go print it out and take the test, then see how you did and remember RoRetc is your "2009 ST HQ"

Quote, from 1B Mike Jacobs:

Any time you have a really good team like we had in Florida, it builds community
in the clubhouse.

And remember only 8 Days 14 Hours till "Pitchers and Catchers" report !!!

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