Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Training 2-17

40th Anniversary
Royals will wear a uniform patch this upcoming season on their right sleeve as part of the team's 40th anniversary as a big-league franchise. The logo will also be showcased at Kauffman Stadium.

Callaspo gets credit card
Alberto Callaspo the last one to show, the last one we thought we'd see here, got a creidt card today. Wow what news.
"Callaspo got his visa today, so I think he'll be traveling tomorrow,"
Dayton Moore

Oh a work visa gottcha

Royals and Jacobs Agree
The Royals won't go to arbitration with 1B Mike Jacobs he signed for $3.275 million.
He was the last remaining arb case for Royals

Pirate Revolution calls for Contraction of Royals
So Corey Humes says in his post:

I'm calling for the contraction of two organizations, obviously. The
Marlins and Royals...

Kansas City is only a four-hour drive from St. Louis, as is Miami from
Tampa. Baseball fans would still have rooting interests within their

Would anyone outside of Kansas City miss the Royals if they were gone?

So yeah there you go he basically makes us know all about his 2010 Baseball Mogul team. Really nothing to get worried about other then some guy who has WAY to much free time, and puts MVN to shame. Really why so much hate for the K ?

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  1. That contraction play is the dumbest thing I've read all day. Moving back to 2 divisions per league, and then lengthening the season 164 games?!? What's that all about? Also, giving Hanley Ramirez to the Pirate Smokers doesn't turn them into a perennial contender. They are still a troubled team in a small market. Baseball needs a much better fix to achieve any sort of parity.