Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring Training 2-16

Guillen is looking good
After showing up last spring with his new $36 million contract and then admitted he arrived about 20 pounds add or add 10-15 lbs overweight, in what would be a very Guillenafide year in Kc. So how much does he weigh now?
I don't know," he said. "I'm going to go and weigh. I'm a lot lighter than
last year, that's all I can tell you. My pants are falling down."

Get a belt dude.
“He looks good,” manager Trey Hillman said. “By appearances, he definitely
is in better shape.”

But why such a miracle turn around from last year ?
"I think I've got like two weeks to get in baseball shape -- running and
hitting and all that stuff, so I'm just trying to put in two weeks of hard work
and we'll go from there,"
Yep you guessed it the World Baseball Classic the final rosters are still pending but Guillen expects to play for the Dominican Republic next month.

"Quite frankly, I think the [Classic] will help with the chance to see
competitive at-bats," Hillman said. "Spring Training games are certainly
competitive at-bats but when countries are playing against each other for things
like that, they can be even more competitive."

So the bottom line Guillen's looking good so the WBC is good for at least one thing.

Bale is ailing
John "Door Punchout" Bale is battling some stiffness in his upper back. That’s not unusual for pitchers early in camp, but with Bale the Royals must take it easy.
“He’s still doing almost all of the activities,” Hillman said. “No major concern
there. As early as it is, the message to Johnny is get healthy. With him in the
bullpen (this season), there’s not as much urgency to stretch him out.”

So anyone want to wager on if Bale makes it through the year without at least one stint on the DL ?

Olivo wants to play in WBC
Set the stage Miguel Olivo is demanding that he enter the season as the Royals’ starting catcher before agreeing to comeback for another year. And after saying "Hell No" to returning last September to.
So the Front Office says yeah ok your the guy.
But now all he has is a pledge from the club that he'll be the No. 1 guy when the season opens April 6, nothing more nothing less. So Olivo is torn between the pride of playing for his country and trying to make a good impression in camp with Buck breathing down his neck.
But the club also really likes Brayan Peña, who by the way is out of options.
You'd think that the obvious choice would be to cut/trade Buck but,
“We made a decision toward the end of last year,” Moore said, “that Miguel Olivo
deserved the majority of the catching time. But we’re continuing to go forward,
and John Buck is certainly a strong part of our future.”

That'll make you want to throwup.

What are we waiting on ?
Let to show there faces are Alberto Callaspo and Esteban German (you'd think they would want to make some good first impressions) NRI's: Luis Hernandez, Mario Lisson, José Duarte, Tommy Murphy and Derrick Robinson.
Oh and the guy we're all waiting to see Coco Crisp

Our beloved old friend Odalis Perez is at it again telling shady reporter Enrique Rojas;

"I thought it best and I prefer to sit in my house if the Nationals do not show
more appreciation for my work," Perez said from Santo Domingo.

"Appreciate my work means to increase the value of the contract and guarantee it. I will not accept any minor league contracts with no safeguards. I instructed my agent to report my position to the Nationals," Perez said.

Yep all because he regrets his verbal approval to the team's offer of a minor league deal.
The Nat had principally agreed to a deal identical to the one that he got in 08, for $850K if he makes the team at the end of the spring training.

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