Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Training 2-15

Hillman Back
Manager Trey Hillman is back at Surprise after a trip to Houston to visit Moore's ailing mother.
"I'm glad I was where I was. It was valuable time," Hillman said.
Moore is still in Houston with his mother.

Horacio Ramirez
The Royals are looking to add a LH to the rotation so Horacio is giving um let's say more then a fair shot. Almost like last years search ended with John Bale in the rotation, and look how that one turned out.
"I learned a lot from Mac in the short time I was here, and I wanted to work with him again. So that was a big reason why I wanted to come back," Ramirez said.
Funny he failed to mention the load of cash he was giving. Quite nice for a guy who hasn't started a Major League game since 2007. But Horacio had this to say:
"I don't look at it that way," he said. "I look at it as I'm trying for a spot, and I'm just out here to prove to myself and to other people that I can start in the big leagues again."
And from the looks of thing his first workout went pretty well, let's hope for more as the season starts to matter. But he'll be trying as the sweetened deal could be worth another $1.1 million more in possible bonuses if he makes 30 or more starts and pitches at least 200 innings

Hochevar feeling fine
Luke Hochevar threw to hitters for the first time since August 19 of last year.
He summed up his outing:
"I was pleased with it," "Everything feels great," he said. "Ready to go."

And on the rotation battle:
"It's always good to have that, where you know what you have to do and nothing is given to you," Hochevar said. "It makes it a lot funner."

Still looking to avoid arb
Club officials are still working to avoid an arbitration with Mike Jacobs scheduled later this week Jacobs, is seeking $3.8 million. The Royals have offered $2.75 million. Negotiations have been slow. Jacobs is the Royals’ only unsigned arbitration-eligible player.

Left handers not named Horacio

From the Kc Star: Lenny DiNardo is already drawing some attention, and Heath Phillips figures to get a look. They are both long shots.

"People always want me to go ahead and say he's got it nailed down," Hillman said. "I can’t say that. He still has to win a spot. But at the same time, we would really like to have a left-hander in that rotation.

"That's one reason we brought in a number of left-handers. The most interesting, simply because he has a pedigree, is Lenny DiNardo. He had some ratio of success with Oakland."

DiNardo, is the non-roster invitee I'm rooting for the most but then again Heath Phillips is only 26. ( Past NRI I've rooted for 2007 Grahem Koounce, 2008 Damion Hollins)

Orlando Hudson
The Royals brass continues to drool over O-Dog as does this blogger.
“Nothing’s changed from what I said earlier,” general manager Dayton Moore said. “For us to add any payroll, we’d have to take it away from somewhere else. We’re at our limit.”
John Buck ?

Hudson, is a Type A free agent, and would force the Royals to surrender their second-round pick in the June draft but sources say at the right price for Orlando they wouldn't mind.

Club officials continue to privately acknowledge they’d love to find a way to add Hudson it looks like a long shot, but miracles do happen.

Speaking of Miracles

The Boston Globe reports Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd is looking at a comeback at age 49:

"I have nothing to lose, and all a major league team has to lose is 15 minutes," said Boyd. "Give me 15 minutes and I'll show I can still pitch. That's all I want."

It's always been Boyd's dream to carry on the legacy of Satchel Paige and pitch into his 60s. Sounds like the plot for a Disney Movie, oh just one question before we cut the check to Mr.Boyd, are you a lefty ? No. Guess it's not happening with the Royals.

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