Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring Training 2-14-09

Royals Minor leaguer Jarrod Dyson suspended
Royals 2006 50th round draft pick Jarrod Dyson, 24, from McComb, Miss., tested positive for amphetamine, In a violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.
Dyson's main asset is speed as he stole 39 stolen bases in 93 games for Class A Wilmington. And to make my case from yesterday about speed players he had 0 Home Runs.

Roster crunch already ?
Gil Meche and Zack Greinke will provide the rotation with a great one-two punch, The bullpen is anchored by an All-Star closer in Joakim Soria. But selecting the nine other pieces will take the next seven weeks.

“There is more competition here,” said Bob McClure, The first few
years, it was like we were just looking for bodies.”

It appears this early that the final rotation spot will boil down to Hochevar vs Bannister, as Kyle Davies is penciled in the 3rd spot and Ramirez name is written in the 4th slot with a Sharpie.

(On Horacio) Even so, club officials acknowledge only a dreadful spring will
keep him from opening the season in the rotation.

I.E. Brett Tomko !!! (Who by the way signed a milb contract with the Yankees)

And get this one folks, according to the Kc Star if Brian and Luke both flop. (yeah right)
The Royals will consider (Robinson) Tejeda, (Brandon) Duckworth, (Lenny) DiNardo, or (Heath) Phillips. Only Tejeda is on the 40 man roster.

The bullpen is set except for middle and long relief.
Tejeda, Duckworth, DiNardo, Phillips, Jamey Wright, Doug Waechter are the main contenders,
Carlos Rosa, Devon Lowery, Yasuhiko Yabuta and lefty Neal Musser will also scramble for attention in middle relief before the Royals break camp on April 2.

The Kc Star also mentions that :
Either Waechter or Wright could also supplant veteran Joel Peralta in middle relief, especially if Peralta shows no signs of rebounding from last year’s 5.98 ERA in 40 games.

And why would the Royals consider Waechter and Wright in the same class ? And Jamey Wright not Matt no doubt ? Yep I could see Jamey the milb contract uprooting Doug the Major League contract, and in the end that will only hurt Kc's reputation in the free agent market.

Hillman and Moore miss first workout
Hillman accompanied GM Dayton Moore to Houston where Moore's mother is seriously ill.
We'll pray for a full recovery for Dayton's mother.

To Bad this isn't us
The New York Mets signed Livan Hernandez to a milb contract. The contract could earn Hernandez up to a $1 million salary if he wins a place on the big league roster. That's still $800 K less then Horacio's guaranted salary.

Checking in
The mass of early check-ins continued when first baseman Ross Gload arrived at camp today.
Even though I can find no quotes I'm sure it's because he didn't want to check in on Friday the 13th.

Kagel reports big news on his new blog (Royal Beat)
The Royals are trying to work Orlando Hudson into there budget.
With our budget if you want something you cut back on something else ie eating out.
Maybe the Royals could save money by cutting the fountians or scoreboard on even numbered innings ?
PS. I found a new blog before In Dayton We Trust !!!!

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