Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring Training 2-13

1st Day of Spring Training

Players There
Of the 40 Man Roster
All 19 pitchers are in camp, and only six of 21 position players have yet to arrive.
The "KansasCity six" yet to arrive
Brayan Peña, Ross Gload, Alberto Callaspo, Esteban German, Coco Crisp, and ("suprise Surprise ") José Guillen.

Catching the eye of the McClure (KcStar)

Bob McClure didn’t hesitate when asked if anyone has caught his eye in these preliminary throwing sessions.

Carlos Rosa.

“Without question,” McClure said. “His fastball looks really good.”

Royals Keep adding

Royals added catcher Kiel Thibault to camp bring the total number of catchers to 9Cody Clark, J.R. House, Jeff Howell, John Suomi, Matt Tupman, Miguel Olivo, John Buck and Brayan Peña. One would think the Royals are not 100 percent sure of there two catchers entering into 2009.

Day 1 Rundown

Day off nothing really happened according to all my sites but

Out for breakfast, a passerby conjectured. Naw, these guys chow down every morning on the finest vittles that clubhouse guys Jeff Davenport, Chuck Hawke and Pat Gorman can provide. The players ain't eating at Denny's.

Finally, the word filtered from the team offices. The players had been given the day off -- told to go play golf, have fun. This was officially the reporting day for pitchers and catchers but, heck, almost all of them had been around for several days already in voluntary workouts.

"We kind of shut 'em down today, they've been getting after it so hard," Hillman said.

Because a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 23 years is really, really getting after it hard. Sorry we've just been around a little longer then Trey.

And now this to brighten your day wrote in a style only Dick could:

But, wait, who's that coming in out of the cool morning air? By golly, it's pitchers Brian Bannister and Luke Hochevar, and they look like they've been working out. Sure enough, they couldn't resist. They'd been out on the damp grass throwing the ball around.
No. Guys who want to be in the rotation out working to make the rotation ?
These two quotes might clear up a few things.

"It's nice to have this day off," Bannister said, "but I don't think in baseball you ever really have a day off. It's either keeping your body in shape or it's a travel day. We're all used to it, but I think we've got some good work in the last week and guys are excited. We dealt with a little weather down here the first couple of days, but we got through it and it's looking pretty nice here."

"Getting a head start," Hochevar said with a big grin.

"Staying in shape and keeping that release point where it should be," Bannister said.

Watch out Horacio the competition is heating up.

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