Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod, Cordero and Kennedy o my

  • As I'm sure you've heard A-Fraud is a juicer. So here comes the Bonds-Rodriguez comparisons frankly if proven guilty you should pay the price unless your a 'roider or a member of Obama's cabinet who doesn't pay taxes. Bottom line Bonds probably used but hasn't admitted it so I still like him more, plus Bonds has those sweet diamond earrings and never had a fling with a 60 year old singer costing him his marriage.

  • MLBTR reports the Royals are taking a long look at Chad Cordero the former Nationals golden boy closer gone injured free agent. I hope that if Dayton thinks he can bounce back we sign him. Give him time to heal and start him in the bullpen and eventually maybe make him the closer. That would mean Soria would be able to make the rotation. Anyway Chad is only 27 and being a RP he could still have quite a few years left in the tank.

  • The St.Louis Post-Dispatch reports the Cards have released 2B Adam Kennedy one would have to think that if he wanted to accept a milb deal the Royals should at least take a look. I mean Callaspo's stock has fallen and you've got Teahen/Bloomquist competing for 2B job ? It is Adam Kennedy but competition never hurts. I doubt it will happen but gotta throw it out there.

  • It appears the majority of Royals fans who frequent the boards and blogs would love to see B.Pena force Buck out . Count me as one of them but I seriously doubt that will happen even if Brayan hits a superb .400 Avg and Buck only hits his .210.

Still available: Orlando Cabrera, Ken Griffey Jr, Brendon Donnelly, Bobby Abreu, I-Rod, Emil Brown, Frank Thomas, Adam Dunn, Jim Edmonds, Livan Hernandez, Nomar Garciaparra, Manny Ramirez, Luis Ayala, Ray Durham, Ben Sheets, etc.
One would think the sun is setting on quite a few of those guys the economy affects us but would've thought it could affect guys like Manny and Nomar ? There's still quite a few guys you
would love for Kc to sign but for now here's a mini lineup of former Royals available:

C: Sal Fasano
1B: Doug Mientkiewicz
2B: Mark Grudzielanek
OF:Emil Brown
SP: Paul Byrd
CP: Dennys Reyes

Heck how could you lose with guys like that ???

**The Royals avoided arb with Teahen signing him for 1yr $3.5m common sense says: WHY ???

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  1. Donnelly signed with Texas and Fasano signed with the Rockies--

    love your site Ray