Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th !!!!

What a great day to start Spring Training on but don't let that scare,
Let this

Bud Selig is making $18 million dollars this year (source Around the Horn) while many a person is jobless and the economy is sinking. It's a joke.
He let the steroids problem get so out of hand, and that's without going onto the details such as his tie All-Star game.

But if you ask him all he will say is MLB has raked in far more $$$ since he took over. Pity he doesn't take a little thing called inflation into account.

Yet here on Friday the 13th one could not say the game is better off because of Bud. Kinda of like Fidel Castro in Cuba, but then again Castro may be hated outside Cuba but he is adored like a deity by some there. I can honestly say that is not the case with Bud, and I can say that with 100 percent confidence.

Just minutes ago I read where Selig is considering stripping Bonds of the All-Time home run record and thought what an A$$. (notice the dollar signs).

To go more into detail on that how could you do that ? Why ?

Do we really think that if Mike Sweeney broke the HR record (I know I'm really stretching here)
and then we found out he ""may""* have taken steroids do we really think he'd stripe it all away ? No it's because Balco Barry is not a great guy.
Ken Griffey Jr may have been a better example. lol

If we take Barry's record what's next we kick Giambi, A-Rod and all those mentioned in the infamous Mitchell Report out of the game and just clear there stats out like that ?
Rewrite the history books ?

Suddenly the 08 Yanks didn't hit 180 HR's they only hit 113 ?

Why isn't Ricky Henderson being searched out ? Sure he didn't hit a ton of HR's but with all those SB's maybe he took something to make him faster ? I mean would've thought Canseco would steal 40 in a year.
Why is the Home Run so sacred, holier than any religion ? Perhaps the curse of the Bambino doesn't affect Boston but the whole damn sport ?

Bottom line of this post is simple, I mean Christ's blood cleared our sin's.
Now who's gonna take the blow to clear the game ? Well Selig would think he can.
But how can the disease be the cure when it kills more then it could ever clear.
Save one damn a thousand.

No if anyone is going to "clean" the game it will be Bud's successor and that's not going to happen for quite some time.

So if you survive Friday the 13th and "Jason" you may be lucky, but then again there is always a big ole Bud waiting to slash your game, your money, our national innocence.

So if you survive and happen to see Bud ask him for a handout because he's got eight-teen million reasons why baseball's steroid era is greatest in the sports history.

Frankly if I was him I'd be in no hurry at all to clean up the game ........

Happy Friday the 13th and enjoy Spring Training.
Yours Truly,

Ray W

PS. As a strict rule I try to keep my blog PG/G but could think of no alternatives in this post.
Sorry for the inconvenience

* Innocent until proven guilty by court

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