Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HoRam makes a case for DiNar

Ok but maybe we should keep running tabs because after Horacio's first start the Royals still want a lefty in the rotation but it might be DiNardo. After this first start HoRam ruined my new post of the 25 man breakdown "pitchers".
So see for yourself here's the box score.

Hope to have a new NRI player post tomorrow. Went letter-boxing today and missed the game.

Nice bright spot was the fact Butler (off Benson), Olivo (off Harrison, M), Jacobs (also off Harrison), and Maier hit home runs it's just ST but it's always fun to watch guys get a chance.

Working on fixing the header thanks Sumnerdave for your input.

Here I'll leave you with this since I don't have much. Get your FREE Quizno's sub while time lasts they're giving away one million and 667K have already gone so hurry!!!

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