Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Man Roster Breakdown the non pitchers

Was hoping to get into this some yesterday on BBTW with Greg Schaum but first time on the radio and I kinda bounced out to third, anyway checkout the podcast at 610 .

For the first part of the 25 man breakdown preview we'll focus on the non pitchers.

The Royals are expected to carry a 7 man bullpen so that will leave us with 13 spots on the roster:
  1. C Miguel Olivo
  2. 1B Mike Jacobs
  3. 2B ?
  4. SS Mike Aviles
  5. 3B Alex Gordon
  6. LF David DeJesus
  7. CF Coco Crisp
  8. RF Jose Guillen
  9. DH Billy Butler
  10. 4th OFer Mark Teahen
  11. Util/2B Willie Bloomquist
  12. ?
  13. ?
So that will leave three spots open even if Bloomquist wins the 2B job. So who's left fighting for the last three spots ?
  • C Brayan Pena out of options and if the Royals want to keep him he'll have to make the team out of ST.
  • 2B Alberto Callaspo he'll compete for the 2B job but if he loses he'll likely catch on as the backup INF.
  • Util Esteban German battling for the backup INF spot. The fact he's not talked about for the 2B job speaks pretty loud.
  • 1B-OF Ross Gload he's in a unique situation he wouldn't make the team but he will he'll backup Jacobs and be ready to play in the outfield
  • INF Tug Hulett he'll be sent to AAA will make it up around mid season should an injury occur.
  • 1B Kila Ka'aihue same as Tug above
  • SS Tony Pena Jr. He'll fight for the utility infielder postion but most likely will end up wavierd
  • OF Shane Costa/Mitch Maier about all these two can do is hope that Guillen butchers his toe again or Teahen wins the second base job.
  • Ryan Shealy may have run out of time with the Royals but a great spring and maybe he'll force himself onto the roster.
10 guys but only three spots. Greg Schuam thinks that Bloomquist will get the 2B job so we'll say he does for this argument. That therefore pushes Teahen to the 4th Outfielder. That pushes hard on Maier and Costa.
Hulett and Kila will both be optioned to the minors. Without barring any roster moves, injury, or the fact that Spring Training is yet to begin and a whole lot can change.
I predict the final three will go to:
  • Ross Gload
  • Alberto Callaspo
  • Brayan Pena
Ross Gload he'll stay we all deep down know that
Alberto Callaspo I think if he has a decent spring, Dayton will give him one more chance but with one short lease.
Brayan Pena, this is a far stretching one but Brayan can also play 3B and corner outfield I think Pena will have a great spring and force the Royals to start with three catchers until Buck/Olivo are able to be moved.

What this means for the rest well, there days with the Royals are likely numbered.
I'm not the best at predictions but thought it might be fun.

Also don't see this happening but I'll throw this one at you, Billy Butler has options and if Shealy has a heck of a spring or another player, Butler may start at AAA to by the front office brass sometime to decide. Once again don't see it happening but also don't be totally socked if it does.


  1. I'm thinking Buck, Gload, and Callaspo.

  2. The final three should be Shealy, Callapso, and Brayan. Teahen is the new Gload and German/Pena, Jr. are not MLB players.