Saturday, February 28, 2009

Royals sign Cruz

Double EDIT: Royals DFA German to make room on the 40 man roster
EDIT: Royals sign Juan Cruz 2 year $6m.

ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the Royals according to three sources are nearing a deal for RHP Juan Cruz

Buster Olney:
The right-handed Cruz could represent a major upgrade for the Royals' bullpen amid high hopes within the organization that Kansas City will take a long stride forward this year.
Juan is a Type A free agent and if the Royals were to sign him it would cost us our second-round pick at around No. 55 overall -- if the deal is completed. Although the Players Union and the Commissioner's Office discussed the possibility that Arizona could go through an unusual sign-and-trade process. It was not immediately clear on Saturday afternoon whether Cruz would just sign with the Royals, or if a sign-and-trade with the Diamondbacks would be part of the process.

I for one don't really think Cruz would be worth our second round pick I mean if Hudson was iffy, then Cruz....
He's been solid the last three years but I just don't see how he'd be worth it I mean we already went out and got Farnsworth.
Cruz has a solid K/BB last three years I couldn't see us giving up the second pick for Cruz unless Dayton was SURE we were going to show solid improvement.

As far as we know Juan is just using us like Orlando did.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

NRI report: Lenny DiNardo

Royals Non-Roster Invitee
Left Handed pitcher
Leonard Edward DiNardo
6'4" listed 195 lbs
Born September 19th 1979 in Miami, Flordia
Attended College at Stetson
The 29 year old DiNardo is in a fight, a fight to make the Royals out of Spring Training.
DiNardo who has made it to the majors each of the last 5 years, has a career statline of 10-15 W-L record in 89 Games/29 starts, 235 IP and a 4.93 ERA.

Lenny was drafted by the Red Sox in the 10th Round out of High School in the 1998 amateur draft, he did not sign though, but instead went on to college and played for Stetson "The Hatters"

He was then drafted by the Mets in the 3rd Round of the 2001 amateur draft.
He signed July 14, 2001, and made his pro debut with the the Mets Single-A affiliate Brooklyn Cyclones. After going 4-11 in the 2003 season between High A and AA, but with a nice 2.52 ERA he was selected by the Red Sox in the Rule V draft September 15.

2004 His first MLB year
He started the season on the DL and made his major league debut on April 23 against the Yankees in New York pitched 1 inning facing three batters and collecting a strikeout.
DiNardo would go on to spend much of the second half of the season on the disabled list.
But still received a World Series ring for his contributions to the World Champion Boston Red Sox.
Final 2004 MLB stats:
0-0 record 22 APP 27 .2 IP 21/12 K/BB 4.23 ERA

The Red Sox sent the sent Lenny to Triple-A Pawtucket to start the 2005 season. He was recalled to the major league club five different times during the year.
Final 2005 MLB stats:
0-1 record 8 APP 1 GS 14 .2 IP 15/5 K/BB 1.84 ERA

In 2006, DiNardo made six starts in place of the injured David "Boomer" Wells. However, he spent a lot of time on the disabled list himself, due to a neck injury. DiNardo also pitched for team Italy in the Inaugural World Baseball Classic. Overall he had problems with control and had a bad year.
Final 2006 MLB stats:
1-2 record 13 APP 6 GS 39 IP 17/20 K/BB 7.85 ERA

Oakland years 2007-2008
To prepare for the 2007 MLB season, DiNardo played for the Peoria Javelinas of the AFL.But the Red Sox would never see his hard work pay off, On February 14, 2007, the A's claimed DiNardo off waivers. He would go on to have the best year of his career in 07 going 8-10 in 35 APP 20 Starts while racking up 131.1 IP and an ERA of 4.11

But last year like most of the Athletics team DiNardo struggled and finished the year with a 7.43 ERA.

Scouting Report

"DiNardo is a very crafty lefty. His stuff does not blow you away, but he really knows how to pitch. He changes speeds, he has a good changeup, he's tough on righties with his changeup. If he sticks, it will be as a left-handed long guy. A guy to turn a lineup around."- Theo Epstein's scouting report on Lenny

Quick DiNardo Facts and such:

What was Gammons doing at Suprise with Dayton Moore ???

Looking To ROCK OUT !!!!

Top photo from

Bottom Photo From "Boston Dirt Dogs" Lenny in middle sandwiched between Epstein and Gammons

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HoRam makes a case for DiNar

Ok but maybe we should keep running tabs because after Horacio's first start the Royals still want a lefty in the rotation but it might be DiNardo. After this first start HoRam ruined my new post of the 25 man breakdown "pitchers".
So see for yourself here's the box score.

Hope to have a new NRI player post tomorrow. Went letter-boxing today and missed the game.

Nice bright spot was the fact Butler (off Benson), Olivo (off Harrison, M), Jacobs (also off Harrison), and Maier hit home runs it's just ST but it's always fun to watch guys get a chance.

Working on fixing the header thanks Sumnerdave for your input.

Here I'll leave you with this since I don't have much. Get your FREE Quizno's sub while time lasts they're giving away one million and 667K have already gone so hurry!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Poll results for "New Header"

6 (37%)
7 (43%)
Willie Bloomquist
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Votes: 16

So you want a new header, eh?
What do you want gone ? What do you want added ?
Just comment or email, comment anonymously if you like. If you like it as 6 did just let me know if maybe it could be better.
Thanks for voting, new poll up now.

Friday, February 20, 2009

25 Man Roster Breakdown the non pitchers

Was hoping to get into this some yesterday on BBTW with Greg Schaum but first time on the radio and I kinda bounced out to third, anyway checkout the podcast at 610 .

For the first part of the 25 man breakdown preview we'll focus on the non pitchers.

The Royals are expected to carry a 7 man bullpen so that will leave us with 13 spots on the roster:
  1. C Miguel Olivo
  2. 1B Mike Jacobs
  3. 2B ?
  4. SS Mike Aviles
  5. 3B Alex Gordon
  6. LF David DeJesus
  7. CF Coco Crisp
  8. RF Jose Guillen
  9. DH Billy Butler
  10. 4th OFer Mark Teahen
  11. Util/2B Willie Bloomquist
  12. ?
  13. ?
So that will leave three spots open even if Bloomquist wins the 2B job. So who's left fighting for the last three spots ?
  • C Brayan Pena out of options and if the Royals want to keep him he'll have to make the team out of ST.
  • 2B Alberto Callaspo he'll compete for the 2B job but if he loses he'll likely catch on as the backup INF.
  • Util Esteban German battling for the backup INF spot. The fact he's not talked about for the 2B job speaks pretty loud.
  • 1B-OF Ross Gload he's in a unique situation he wouldn't make the team but he will he'll backup Jacobs and be ready to play in the outfield
  • INF Tug Hulett he'll be sent to AAA will make it up around mid season should an injury occur.
  • 1B Kila Ka'aihue same as Tug above
  • SS Tony Pena Jr. He'll fight for the utility infielder postion but most likely will end up wavierd
  • OF Shane Costa/Mitch Maier about all these two can do is hope that Guillen butchers his toe again or Teahen wins the second base job.
  • Ryan Shealy may have run out of time with the Royals but a great spring and maybe he'll force himself onto the roster.
10 guys but only three spots. Greg Schuam thinks that Bloomquist will get the 2B job so we'll say he does for this argument. That therefore pushes Teahen to the 4th Outfielder. That pushes hard on Maier and Costa.
Hulett and Kila will both be optioned to the minors. Without barring any roster moves, injury, or the fact that Spring Training is yet to begin and a whole lot can change.
I predict the final three will go to:
  • Ross Gload
  • Alberto Callaspo
  • Brayan Pena
Ross Gload he'll stay we all deep down know that
Alberto Callaspo I think if he has a decent spring, Dayton will give him one more chance but with one short lease.
Brayan Pena, this is a far stretching one but Brayan can also play 3B and corner outfield I think Pena will have a great spring and force the Royals to start with three catchers until Buck/Olivo are able to be moved.

What this means for the rest well, there days with the Royals are likely numbered.
I'm not the best at predictions but thought it might be fun.

Also don't see this happening but I'll throw this one at you, Billy Butler has options and if Shealy has a heck of a spring or another player, Butler may start at AAA to by the front office brass sometime to decide. Once again don't see it happening but also don't be totally socked if it does.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

NRI report: Victor Marte

Royals Non-Roster Invitee
#71 (#93 while in Japan)
Right Handed pitcher
Victor Marte
6'2" listed 190 lbs actual 265 lbs
Born November 8th 1980 in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

The 28 year old Marte spent the last three years pitching in Japan for the Hiroshima Carp.

Marte came up through the Carp’s Dominican Academy and the Royals are only his second pro team.
While playing for the Carp over the last three year Marte appeared in 30 games posting an 0-2 record, an ERA of 6.16, a K/BB of 20/17 in 30 2/3 innings. Once again this is over the last 3 years. His stats here.

According to a translated wikipedia:
has heavy straight and the slider whoose,(sic) the knucle (sic) pitch style of the sale.
Ok so that doesn't make a whole lot of sense at all.
Greg Schaum host of the radio program "BBTW" had this report:

He pitched very well in the Dominican Winter Leagues and has a very live arm with heavy action on his fastball.

Hitters don't like getting in the box with him as he is "effectively" wild

this is what he throws....fastball, slider, curve, change and getting a splitt down...he told me he throws 95-96

He has gained some weight and should start the season at AA or AAA and could be a dark horse for the Royals around mid-season should an injury occur.

By the way he is NOT the Victor Marte for guilty of possession in 130 pound cocaine seizure

Top photo courtesy of GNU Free Documentation License

Bottom photo courtesy of Greg Schaum

Royals claim INF Tug Hulett and more

Royals claimed INF Tug Hulett on waivers from the M's earlier today, I had a feeling they might. Hulett, will turn 26 in 9 days on February 28 is 5'10" and 185 lbs.

"He gives us some depth," general manager Dayton Moore said. "He can play second, third and a little short. And he's got two options left.

The Royals should be familiar with Tug as he made his MLB debut July 12th of last year against Kc going 1-3. And in total he played in 30 games had 49 AB's, 1 HR, 2 RBI, and a .224 AVG. His milb numbers
Hulett is expected to join the Royals in time for Friday’s workout.

To clear space on the 40-man roster the Royals DFA'd lefty reliever Neal Musser .
Musser 27. Musser had a good rookie year in 07 appearing in 17 games and posting a 4.38 ERA and was seemingly improving until breaking his hand in a temper tantrum after a bad outing.
The organisation never really seemed to consider him as highly anymore after that. He pitched in one game last year a 1,2,3 inning, with a BB throw ed in there.

Finally arrived in camp today and as Mellinger put it "If the boss is trying to replace you, you probably want to show up on time". Callaspo is full of poetical but he seems like he is going to be one of those who might not have there head on his shoulders solidly. And they never seem to pan out, even when they do.

Hudson according to the KC Star
The Royals remain interested in Hudson but see little chance of clearing sufficient payroll to make a viable offer. Hudson appears to be leaning toward signing with the Dodgers.

Dayton you said so yourself above Tug gives you depth !!!! Make it happen !!

Indians DFA Andy Marte
The Tribe designated one-time top prospect Andy Marte (who is out of options) for assignment. Is he worth a shot and a space on the 40 man roster ? Can't be worse then TPJ can he ?

Umpbump asks:
Who is better The Kansas City Royals or Durham Bulls ?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Training 2-17

40th Anniversary
Royals will wear a uniform patch this upcoming season on their right sleeve as part of the team's 40th anniversary as a big-league franchise. The logo will also be showcased at Kauffman Stadium.

Callaspo gets credit card
Alberto Callaspo the last one to show, the last one we thought we'd see here, got a creidt card today. Wow what news.
"Callaspo got his visa today, so I think he'll be traveling tomorrow,"
Dayton Moore

Oh a work visa gottcha

Royals and Jacobs Agree
The Royals won't go to arbitration with 1B Mike Jacobs he signed for $3.275 million.
He was the last remaining arb case for Royals

Pirate Revolution calls for Contraction of Royals
So Corey Humes says in his post:

I'm calling for the contraction of two organizations, obviously. The
Marlins and Royals...

Kansas City is only a four-hour drive from St. Louis, as is Miami from
Tampa. Baseball fans would still have rooting interests within their

Would anyone outside of Kansas City miss the Royals if they were gone?

So yeah there you go he basically makes us know all about his 2010 Baseball Mogul team. Really nothing to get worried about other then some guy who has WAY to much free time, and puts MVN to shame. Really why so much hate for the K ?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spring Training 2-16

Guillen is looking good
After showing up last spring with his new $36 million contract and then admitted he arrived about 20 pounds add or add 10-15 lbs overweight, in what would be a very Guillenafide year in Kc. So how much does he weigh now?
I don't know," he said. "I'm going to go and weigh. I'm a lot lighter than
last year, that's all I can tell you. My pants are falling down."

Get a belt dude.
“He looks good,” manager Trey Hillman said. “By appearances, he definitely
is in better shape.”

But why such a miracle turn around from last year ?
"I think I've got like two weeks to get in baseball shape -- running and
hitting and all that stuff, so I'm just trying to put in two weeks of hard work
and we'll go from there,"
Yep you guessed it the World Baseball Classic the final rosters are still pending but Guillen expects to play for the Dominican Republic next month.

"Quite frankly, I think the [Classic] will help with the chance to see
competitive at-bats," Hillman said. "Spring Training games are certainly
competitive at-bats but when countries are playing against each other for things
like that, they can be even more competitive."

So the bottom line Guillen's looking good so the WBC is good for at least one thing.

Bale is ailing
John "Door Punchout" Bale is battling some stiffness in his upper back. That’s not unusual for pitchers early in camp, but with Bale the Royals must take it easy.
“He’s still doing almost all of the activities,” Hillman said. “No major concern
there. As early as it is, the message to Johnny is get healthy. With him in the
bullpen (this season), there’s not as much urgency to stretch him out.”

So anyone want to wager on if Bale makes it through the year without at least one stint on the DL ?

Olivo wants to play in WBC
Set the stage Miguel Olivo is demanding that he enter the season as the Royals’ starting catcher before agreeing to comeback for another year. And after saying "Hell No" to returning last September to.
So the Front Office says yeah ok your the guy.
But now all he has is a pledge from the club that he'll be the No. 1 guy when the season opens April 6, nothing more nothing less. So Olivo is torn between the pride of playing for his country and trying to make a good impression in camp with Buck breathing down his neck.
But the club also really likes Brayan Peña, who by the way is out of options.
You'd think that the obvious choice would be to cut/trade Buck but,
“We made a decision toward the end of last year,” Moore said, “that Miguel Olivo
deserved the majority of the catching time. But we’re continuing to go forward,
and John Buck is certainly a strong part of our future.”

That'll make you want to throwup.

What are we waiting on ?
Let to show there faces are Alberto Callaspo and Esteban German (you'd think they would want to make some good first impressions) NRI's: Luis Hernandez, Mario Lisson, José Duarte, Tommy Murphy and Derrick Robinson.
Oh and the guy we're all waiting to see Coco Crisp

Our beloved old friend Odalis Perez is at it again telling shady reporter Enrique Rojas;

"I thought it best and I prefer to sit in my house if the Nationals do not show
more appreciation for my work," Perez said from Santo Domingo.

"Appreciate my work means to increase the value of the contract and guarantee it. I will not accept any minor league contracts with no safeguards. I instructed my agent to report my position to the Nationals," Perez said.

Yep all because he regrets his verbal approval to the team's offer of a minor league deal.
The Nat had principally agreed to a deal identical to the one that he got in 08, for $850K if he makes the team at the end of the spring training.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Training 2-15

Hillman Back
Manager Trey Hillman is back at Surprise after a trip to Houston to visit Moore's ailing mother.
"I'm glad I was where I was. It was valuable time," Hillman said.
Moore is still in Houston with his mother.

Horacio Ramirez
The Royals are looking to add a LH to the rotation so Horacio is giving um let's say more then a fair shot. Almost like last years search ended with John Bale in the rotation, and look how that one turned out.
"I learned a lot from Mac in the short time I was here, and I wanted to work with him again. So that was a big reason why I wanted to come back," Ramirez said.
Funny he failed to mention the load of cash he was giving. Quite nice for a guy who hasn't started a Major League game since 2007. But Horacio had this to say:
"I don't look at it that way," he said. "I look at it as I'm trying for a spot, and I'm just out here to prove to myself and to other people that I can start in the big leagues again."
And from the looks of thing his first workout went pretty well, let's hope for more as the season starts to matter. But he'll be trying as the sweetened deal could be worth another $1.1 million more in possible bonuses if he makes 30 or more starts and pitches at least 200 innings

Hochevar feeling fine
Luke Hochevar threw to hitters for the first time since August 19 of last year.
He summed up his outing:
"I was pleased with it," "Everything feels great," he said. "Ready to go."

And on the rotation battle:
"It's always good to have that, where you know what you have to do and nothing is given to you," Hochevar said. "It makes it a lot funner."

Still looking to avoid arb
Club officials are still working to avoid an arbitration with Mike Jacobs scheduled later this week Jacobs, is seeking $3.8 million. The Royals have offered $2.75 million. Negotiations have been slow. Jacobs is the Royals’ only unsigned arbitration-eligible player.

Left handers not named Horacio

From the Kc Star: Lenny DiNardo is already drawing some attention, and Heath Phillips figures to get a look. They are both long shots.

"People always want me to go ahead and say he's got it nailed down," Hillman said. "I can’t say that. He still has to win a spot. But at the same time, we would really like to have a left-hander in that rotation.

"That's one reason we brought in a number of left-handers. The most interesting, simply because he has a pedigree, is Lenny DiNardo. He had some ratio of success with Oakland."

DiNardo, is the non-roster invitee I'm rooting for the most but then again Heath Phillips is only 26. ( Past NRI I've rooted for 2007 Grahem Koounce, 2008 Damion Hollins)

Orlando Hudson
The Royals brass continues to drool over O-Dog as does this blogger.
“Nothing’s changed from what I said earlier,” general manager Dayton Moore said. “For us to add any payroll, we’d have to take it away from somewhere else. We’re at our limit.”
John Buck ?

Hudson, is a Type A free agent, and would force the Royals to surrender their second-round pick in the June draft but sources say at the right price for Orlando they wouldn't mind.

Club officials continue to privately acknowledge they’d love to find a way to add Hudson it looks like a long shot, but miracles do happen.

Speaking of Miracles

The Boston Globe reports Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd is looking at a comeback at age 49:

"I have nothing to lose, and all a major league team has to lose is 15 minutes," said Boyd. "Give me 15 minutes and I'll show I can still pitch. That's all I want."

It's always been Boyd's dream to carry on the legacy of Satchel Paige and pitch into his 60s. Sounds like the plot for a Disney Movie, oh just one question before we cut the check to Mr.Boyd, are you a lefty ? No. Guess it's not happening with the Royals.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring Training 2-14-09

Royals Minor leaguer Jarrod Dyson suspended
Royals 2006 50th round draft pick Jarrod Dyson, 24, from McComb, Miss., tested positive for amphetamine, In a violation of the Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.
Dyson's main asset is speed as he stole 39 stolen bases in 93 games for Class A Wilmington. And to make my case from yesterday about speed players he had 0 Home Runs.

Roster crunch already ?
Gil Meche and Zack Greinke will provide the rotation with a great one-two punch, The bullpen is anchored by an All-Star closer in Joakim Soria. But selecting the nine other pieces will take the next seven weeks.

“There is more competition here,” said Bob McClure, The first few
years, it was like we were just looking for bodies.”

It appears this early that the final rotation spot will boil down to Hochevar vs Bannister, as Kyle Davies is penciled in the 3rd spot and Ramirez name is written in the 4th slot with a Sharpie.

(On Horacio) Even so, club officials acknowledge only a dreadful spring will
keep him from opening the season in the rotation.

I.E. Brett Tomko !!! (Who by the way signed a milb contract with the Yankees)

And get this one folks, according to the Kc Star if Brian and Luke both flop. (yeah right)
The Royals will consider (Robinson) Tejeda, (Brandon) Duckworth, (Lenny) DiNardo, or (Heath) Phillips. Only Tejeda is on the 40 man roster.

The bullpen is set except for middle and long relief.
Tejeda, Duckworth, DiNardo, Phillips, Jamey Wright, Doug Waechter are the main contenders,
Carlos Rosa, Devon Lowery, Yasuhiko Yabuta and lefty Neal Musser will also scramble for attention in middle relief before the Royals break camp on April 2.

The Kc Star also mentions that :
Either Waechter or Wright could also supplant veteran Joel Peralta in middle relief, especially if Peralta shows no signs of rebounding from last year’s 5.98 ERA in 40 games.

And why would the Royals consider Waechter and Wright in the same class ? And Jamey Wright not Matt no doubt ? Yep I could see Jamey the milb contract uprooting Doug the Major League contract, and in the end that will only hurt Kc's reputation in the free agent market.

Hillman and Moore miss first workout
Hillman accompanied GM Dayton Moore to Houston where Moore's mother is seriously ill.
We'll pray for a full recovery for Dayton's mother.

To Bad this isn't us
The New York Mets signed Livan Hernandez to a milb contract. The contract could earn Hernandez up to a $1 million salary if he wins a place on the big league roster. That's still $800 K less then Horacio's guaranted salary.

Checking in
The mass of early check-ins continued when first baseman Ross Gload arrived at camp today.
Even though I can find no quotes I'm sure it's because he didn't want to check in on Friday the 13th.

Kagel reports big news on his new blog (Royal Beat)
The Royals are trying to work Orlando Hudson into there budget.
With our budget if you want something you cut back on something else ie eating out.
Maybe the Royals could save money by cutting the fountians or scoreboard on even numbered innings ?
PS. I found a new blog before In Dayton We Trust !!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday the 13th !!!!

What a great day to start Spring Training on but don't let that scare,
Let this

Bud Selig is making $18 million dollars this year (source Around the Horn) while many a person is jobless and the economy is sinking. It's a joke.
He let the steroids problem get so out of hand, and that's without going onto the details such as his tie All-Star game.

But if you ask him all he will say is MLB has raked in far more $$$ since he took over. Pity he doesn't take a little thing called inflation into account.

Yet here on Friday the 13th one could not say the game is better off because of Bud. Kinda of like Fidel Castro in Cuba, but then again Castro may be hated outside Cuba but he is adored like a deity by some there. I can honestly say that is not the case with Bud, and I can say that with 100 percent confidence.

Just minutes ago I read where Selig is considering stripping Bonds of the All-Time home run record and thought what an A$$. (notice the dollar signs).

To go more into detail on that how could you do that ? Why ?

Do we really think that if Mike Sweeney broke the HR record (I know I'm really stretching here)
and then we found out he ""may""* have taken steroids do we really think he'd stripe it all away ? No it's because Balco Barry is not a great guy.
Ken Griffey Jr may have been a better example. lol

If we take Barry's record what's next we kick Giambi, A-Rod and all those mentioned in the infamous Mitchell Report out of the game and just clear there stats out like that ?
Rewrite the history books ?

Suddenly the 08 Yanks didn't hit 180 HR's they only hit 113 ?

Why isn't Ricky Henderson being searched out ? Sure he didn't hit a ton of HR's but with all those SB's maybe he took something to make him faster ? I mean would've thought Canseco would steal 40 in a year.
Why is the Home Run so sacred, holier than any religion ? Perhaps the curse of the Bambino doesn't affect Boston but the whole damn sport ?

Bottom line of this post is simple, I mean Christ's blood cleared our sin's.
Now who's gonna take the blow to clear the game ? Well Selig would think he can.
But how can the disease be the cure when it kills more then it could ever clear.
Save one damn a thousand.

No if anyone is going to "clean" the game it will be Bud's successor and that's not going to happen for quite some time.

So if you survive Friday the 13th and "Jason" you may be lucky, but then again there is always a big ole Bud waiting to slash your game, your money, our national innocence.

So if you survive and happen to see Bud ask him for a handout because he's got eight-teen million reasons why baseball's steroid era is greatest in the sports history.

Frankly if I was him I'd be in no hurry at all to clean up the game ........

Happy Friday the 13th and enjoy Spring Training.
Yours Truly,

Ray W

PS. As a strict rule I try to keep my blog PG/G but could think of no alternatives in this post.
Sorry for the inconvenience

* Innocent until proven guilty by court

Spring Training 2-13

1st Day of Spring Training

Players There
Of the 40 Man Roster
All 19 pitchers are in camp, and only six of 21 position players have yet to arrive.
The "KansasCity six" yet to arrive
Brayan Peña, Ross Gload, Alberto Callaspo, Esteban German, Coco Crisp, and ("suprise Surprise ") José Guillen.

Catching the eye of the McClure (KcStar)

Bob McClure didn’t hesitate when asked if anyone has caught his eye in these preliminary throwing sessions.

Carlos Rosa.

“Without question,” McClure said. “His fastball looks really good.”

Royals Keep adding

Royals added catcher Kiel Thibault to camp bring the total number of catchers to 9Cody Clark, J.R. House, Jeff Howell, John Suomi, Matt Tupman, Miguel Olivo, John Buck and Brayan Peña. One would think the Royals are not 100 percent sure of there two catchers entering into 2009.

Day 1 Rundown

Day off nothing really happened according to all my sites but

Out for breakfast, a passerby conjectured. Naw, these guys chow down every morning on the finest vittles that clubhouse guys Jeff Davenport, Chuck Hawke and Pat Gorman can provide. The players ain't eating at Denny's.

Finally, the word filtered from the team offices. The players had been given the day off -- told to go play golf, have fun. This was officially the reporting day for pitchers and catchers but, heck, almost all of them had been around for several days already in voluntary workouts.

"We kind of shut 'em down today, they've been getting after it so hard," Hillman said.

Because a team that hasn't made the playoffs in 23 years is really, really getting after it hard. Sorry we've just been around a little longer then Trey.

And now this to brighten your day wrote in a style only Dick could:

But, wait, who's that coming in out of the cool morning air? By golly, it's pitchers Brian Bannister and Luke Hochevar, and they look like they've been working out. Sure enough, they couldn't resist. They'd been out on the damp grass throwing the ball around.
No. Guys who want to be in the rotation out working to make the rotation ?
These two quotes might clear up a few things.

"It's nice to have this day off," Bannister said, "but I don't think in baseball you ever really have a day off. It's either keeping your body in shape or it's a travel day. We're all used to it, but I think we've got some good work in the last week and guys are excited. We dealt with a little weather down here the first couple of days, but we got through it and it's looking pretty nice here."

"Getting a head start," Hochevar said with a big grin.

"Staying in shape and keeping that release point where it should be," Bannister said.

Watch out Horacio the competition is heating up.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jamey Wright signs NRI invite to ST

Beloved Royal Jamey Wright signed a NRI ST invit milb contract today.
He'll be nothing more then AAA filler and should only be battling with DiNardo and Villarreal for a chance to battle Joel Peralta or someone else for mopup duty (barring an injury).

Wright is 34-years old 6'5" 230 lbs is a 13-year Major League veteran who last year with the Rangers pitched went 8-7 with a 5.12 ERA in 75 relief appearances and if I recall blew at least one game against the Royals.

The Royals also announced fan favorite Luke Hudson:
WILL NOT be in Major League camp as he continues to rehab his right shoulder.

One would think it's over for Luke if he can't show any improvement this year.
And the great thing is for the first time I can recall in an article:

For additional information, members of the media may contact the Royals
Media Relations Department at (816) 921-8000.

Man I almost qualify. Maybe I should call anyway ???

The best way to sum up the Wright signing would be the two comments at MLBTR:
  • Minor league deal. Good signing.
  • He sucks, has always sucked, and will always continue to suck. AAA depth here.

I have nothing more to add.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod, Cordero and Kennedy o my

  • As I'm sure you've heard A-Fraud is a juicer. So here comes the Bonds-Rodriguez comparisons frankly if proven guilty you should pay the price unless your a 'roider or a member of Obama's cabinet who doesn't pay taxes. Bottom line Bonds probably used but hasn't admitted it so I still like him more, plus Bonds has those sweet diamond earrings and never had a fling with a 60 year old singer costing him his marriage.

  • MLBTR reports the Royals are taking a long look at Chad Cordero the former Nationals golden boy closer gone injured free agent. I hope that if Dayton thinks he can bounce back we sign him. Give him time to heal and start him in the bullpen and eventually maybe make him the closer. That would mean Soria would be able to make the rotation. Anyway Chad is only 27 and being a RP he could still have quite a few years left in the tank.

  • The St.Louis Post-Dispatch reports the Cards have released 2B Adam Kennedy one would have to think that if he wanted to accept a milb deal the Royals should at least take a look. I mean Callaspo's stock has fallen and you've got Teahen/Bloomquist competing for 2B job ? It is Adam Kennedy but competition never hurts. I doubt it will happen but gotta throw it out there.

  • It appears the majority of Royals fans who frequent the boards and blogs would love to see B.Pena force Buck out . Count me as one of them but I seriously doubt that will happen even if Brayan hits a superb .400 Avg and Buck only hits his .210.

Still available: Orlando Cabrera, Ken Griffey Jr, Brendon Donnelly, Bobby Abreu, I-Rod, Emil Brown, Frank Thomas, Adam Dunn, Jim Edmonds, Livan Hernandez, Nomar Garciaparra, Manny Ramirez, Luis Ayala, Ray Durham, Ben Sheets, etc.
One would think the sun is setting on quite a few of those guys the economy affects us but would've thought it could affect guys like Manny and Nomar ? There's still quite a few guys you
would love for Kc to sign but for now here's a mini lineup of former Royals available:

C: Sal Fasano
1B: Doug Mientkiewicz
2B: Mark Grudzielanek
OF:Emil Brown
SP: Paul Byrd
CP: Dennys Reyes

Heck how could you lose with guys like that ???

**The Royals avoided arb with Teahen signing him for 1yr $3.5m common sense says: WHY ???

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What to watch for Spring Training

Let this be a quick get ready for ST test/checklist/things to watch for and a quote.

Be sure to keep it tuned in to RoRetc your 2009 Spring Training HQ

  1. Will Jose Duarte show he's still a prospect or is he done?
  2. Who the heck is Victor Marte ?
  3. How could you say Brayan Pena is a prospect at 27 ?
  4. The Royals roster is set. Over budget but Dunn/Manny still out there. Obama how's that stimulas coming ???
  5. Who throws more ST innings: Roman Colon, Luke Hudson, or Tony Pena Jr. ?
  6. Most NRI most likely to make the team: Villarreal, DiNardo, or Duckworth ?
  7. True/False Corey Smith will be this year's Craig Brazell ?
  8. Without looking who's older Matt Tupman or J.R. House ?
  9. True/False this is Lubanski's last shot with the Royals ?
  10. The Royals will break camp with 4 first basemen ?
  11. Hochevar/Bannister/Ramirez/Davies which two make it which two don't ?
  12. Soria will make at least one start in the WBC ?
  13. You'll apply for a job with the Royals ?
  14. True/False Franquelis Osoria will change his name to Fran O-Soria if he makes the team ?
  15. True/False Manny Ramirez and Adam Dunn will sign before ST ends ?

There you go print it out and take the test, then see how you did and remember RoRetc is your "2009 ST HQ"

Quote, from 1B Mike Jacobs:

Any time you have a really good team like we had in Florida, it builds community
in the clubhouse.

And remember only 8 Days 14 Hours till "Pitchers and Catchers" report !!!