Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Royals Caravan

Back from the Royals Caravan that stopped at Hy-vee in Jefferson City. The one that had Joakim Soria, Billy Butler, Willie Wilson, Denny Matthews, and Kevin Seitzer.

I was planning on getting a couple interviews but for the life of me couldn't find my recorder so that was left up to the guys of the Jefferson City Tribune.
Wouldn't be surprised if one asked, "Why are the Cardinals so much better" ?

Anyway I was surprised there were quite a few people there and most of them had Royals merch so I guess there are quite a few Royals fans in JC so maybe Rod Smith (local TV sports) could open his eyes and see the city isn't all red.

Got Denny Matthews to sign my ticket stub from Aug 7 2004 the day he was elected into the Royals Hall of Fame. Gave him some hockey cards and talked a lil bit a bout them.

Butler was next but I didn't get to talk with him as the local reporter (who could care less) was interviewing him. But he signed as baseball for me.

Next in line was the jewel of the tour the Mexicutiner himself. I hope no one got a photo cause I was probably standing there in awe. Great guy, nice personality, and when he smiled you could see his famous braces. He signed my All-Star game program with him on the cover (available for $15 last summer at the K). and then before moving on asked him if I could shake his hand, he smiled put down hi sharpie, and I shook Soria's hand !!!

Next we get to answer a question for all those interested why did the Royals hire Kevin Sietzer as hitting coach ? Well because after his autograph is John 3:3

And the last was Royals Hall of Famer Willie Wilson and that was cool to see a Royals great like Willie.

It was a great time other then the fact my digital camera broke !!!! So no photo's today we'll have to wait to see if the one's taken with a regular camera turn out.

If the Royals Caravan will be near you, you should defiantly check it out.

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