Thursday, January 8, 2009

OT: Royals bloggers on the BCS Nat'l Title Game

Well I thought maybe we would see how much us Royals bloggers know about other sports okay maybe about football, just football.
The question was, who wins tonight's BCS National Championship game: Oklahoma or Florida

Only problem I thought about it this morning while in school and couldn't do nothing till after 3PM so it's a little late and I didn't get to ask everyone but rest assured it'll be back for the almighty Super Bowl and it'll be bigger and better but for know:

Greg Schaum (610 Radio)
I want OU but i think it is Florida...

Royal Blues ( formerly of Baseball and Other things but then went Sabathia on us)
I pick Oklahoma. Mostly because I'm a Big XII homer.

In Dayton We Trust
I like Oklahoma, though I may be going against my gut instinct. It's a cliche, but whoever gets ahead in this game is going to have a huge advantage.

Royal Virus (Royal Board+)
BOOMER SOONER! OU wins 31-21

The Royal Tower
I pick Oklahoma.

Royally Speaking (Jeff)
I like Oklahoma 45-38

How could anyone go against Tim Tebow ? A repeat championship for the Gators !!!
But barely over Oklahoma because Bradford and the Sooners are tough
Flordia 37-34

This was just to short of a notice to get the answers from everyone I wanted.
Like I said the Super Bowl that's gonna be HUGE, I'll try and get everyone of importance and some others not that important.

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