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OT: RoRetc's Super Bowl Bash 09'

Below are some of the hottest commodities when it comes to the Kc Royals, well maybe not but before you place a bet in Vegas, Sunday (RoRetc's does not endorse gambling in any way unless you want to end up like Pete Rose or some homeless bum (If you have a gambling problem call 1-800-betsoff ) ) you'll want to read this. Also you could buy some tickets to the game prices range from $ 1.6 K to $229 K.

So anyway I asked these 2 questions:

1. Who wins
1A. If you want to state the score go ahead
1B. If your really brave who's the SB MVP
2. Your fav Super Bowl memories (if any)

So without further ado......
RoRetc's Super Bowl Bash 2009

Don Free (Part of the "real" Royals on Radio)
1. AZ 28-24 Warner
2. Commercials...

Gerg Scahum
The Steelers win 27-17 and the MVP will be Rothlisberger

my favorite super bowl memory has not happened yet. It won't happen until the Chiefs win a super bowl in my lifetime

Royals Nation
I'm terrible with NFL, but here goes:

1. Steelers 24-17

2. Staying with my neighbor during the Ice Storm of 2002, watching the Patriots defeat the Rams (and watching U2's epic performance).

The Pipeline
I say the Cardinals shock the world, 24-17.

My first SB I can remember watching was the '82 Niners-Bengals game, first Niners ring. I became a hardcore Niners fan, which has made the last decade, roughly, a tough one, especially the last few years. I remember watching the '85 Bears slaughter the Pats, the Redskins demolishing the Broncos thanks to Timmy Smith and Doug Williams, back to back rings for the Niners, watching the dreaded Cowboys rule the early '90s while the Bills fell short every year, but my all time favorite Super Bowl was the '95 one between the Niners and Chargers, just because that was a great season with Deion on the Niners and they just steamrolled San Diego. Since then we've had the Rams-Titans, the 3 Pats wins were good games, Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction", and last year's classic between the Pats and Giants. I was one of the minority rooting for the Pats. I hate the Giants. Hopefully this one turns out a little more favorably for the team I'm rooting for. Go Cardinals!

I say MVP......Kurt Warner

In Dayton We Trust
Cardinals 23-21
MVP: Kurt Warner

I despise the Super Bowl because pop culture forces me to watch, willy-nilly, even when it's, say, Giants-Ravens, or Raiders-Bucs, or any other number of terrible matchups that is the product of the NFL's ridiculous parity.

And last year, lo and behold, I actually manage to miss the entire g*d**n Super Bowl cause I'm traveling, and guess what I missed? Just the best football game of the year. Mother-f...

NY Royal

Steelers win 24-17. Not really going out on a limb here, but I think the Steelers are clearly the better team, but the Cards will make it a game.1B. Big Ben. If he throws a touchdown or two, they'll give it to him.

2. Chiefs win Super Bowl IV by destroying the Vikings 23-7 - It was before I was born, but it is my favorite Super Bowl moment, nonetheless.


1. Pittsburgh Steelers - 34 - 17 - MVP Ike Taylor

2. When the star running back who was under the thumb of organized crime pulled a gun from under his pads and shot a defender in the forehead on his way to the end zone, where he promptly put the gun in his own mouth and pulled the trigger. Oh, wait. That was The Last Boy Scout.

Well, I guess it would have to be when John Elway went airborne, got spun around in the air, and ended up shy of the end zone with all of Elway's organs rupturing simultaneously and the Broncos walking off the field losers. Oh, yeah. That's just my fantastic reimagining of John Elway falling just short.
I guess Joe Montana hitting John Taylor for that clutch touchdown against the Ickey Shuffle Cincinnati Bengals...

Tim Scott (Royals emcee)
Steelers Win 24-21 MVP Polamalu
Tennessee coming up 1 yard short to lost to the Rams in 1999

Royally Speaking
1. I like the Cardinals 24-20, I'll pick Kurt Warner as SB MVP. I was never a Rams fan (since I hate all things St. Louis) but I always liked Warner.

2. Well since the Chiefs haven't been to a SB in my lifetime I have always watched them pretty much not caring who won but last season I was pulling hard for the Giants. So my favorite memory of that game was Tyree's miraculous catch on the game winning drive.

Royals Review
Pittsburgh wins 20-14.
James Harrison will be named MVP.

I don't really have one. Probably the Giants winning last year was one of my favorites, just because I hated New England.

1. Steelers 31-17
MVP Troy Polamalu

My favorite would be way back to the Packers, Broncos because I was just a kid and liked Elway (hey just a kid) and my dad was rooting for the Pack so that was fun.
The worst would be when my "homeboy" Rich Gannon who was cheated by Gruden and the Bucs. (side note Gannon is my all time favorite player I've collected 92 diff. Gannon cards and he was cheated twice by that big ole fat Tony Saragossa and his cheap illegal hit, and that snow bowl when Tom BRADY fumbled he DID !!!! And it was over turned but enough Rich ramblings.)
Other then that the Titans-Rams game was classic so was the Ravens-Giants, but overall it's just a great time with my family where everyone watches the commercials and some of us watch all of it (the game). And oh the food Super Bowl and Thanksgiving about equal on the food scale but for different reasons.

So there you go set back pop a Pepsi* (*always plugging Royals sponsors and could I say beer being only 17 ?) and enjoy a piece of Americana and when it's done, start the "hours" countdown to opening day !!! Oh yeah !!!

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  1. "Royals Review
    James Harrison will be named MVP."

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